This guide explains how to connect a Deputy account purchased direct through Deputy to an ADP Run account.

*Keep in mind, if you purchased Deputy through the ADP Marketplace, you will need to follow {this guide}, as your account is managed by ADP.

Benefits of this Integration include:

  • Automatic Employee Sync from ADP to Deputy
  • Run payroll from Deputy to ADP Over-the-Air
  • No file download or upload required

Before You Start

  • The Deputy Connector app is free and allows existing Deputy customers to connect to ADP Run, however if you connect your existing ADP Run account to Deputy, ADP will charge you $5 p/m and this will appear in your ADP bill.
  • ADP customers also using any ADP Time & Attendance product are currently limited to Employee Sync only
  • You must either be a Deputy System Administrator or Location Manager
  • You must be a subscriber for the ADP account, which allows you to use the ADP Marketplace
  • This guide can also be used to connect to your ADP Workforce Now account

In Deputy, you must be either a System Administrator or Location Manager.

You will need to approve the timesheets in Deputy before exporting.

If you are currently using ADP Time & Attendance, you will not be able to export timesheets from Deputy to ADP unless you end your subscription for the ADP Time & Attendance module.

The timesheet integration to export Department codes for costing. To do so, ensure that your Area Export Codes in Deputy match the relevant Department code in ADP.

Connecting Your ADP Run Account to Deputy


Step 1: From your computer, login to Deputy.

  • Click on the Locations tab from the top menu bar.
  • Choose your desired location and click Edit Settings
  • From the left side list, click Payroll.
  •  Click the Purchase Connector button under the blue Purchased Deputy On My Own section. (After this step, a pop up window will open)
  • From the Steps to Connect to ADP popup window, click the Purchase Connector link. **This will open the Deputy Connector listing on the ADP Marketplace.
  • From the Deputy Connector on the ADP Marketplace listing, click Try the Free Edition. **If you aren’t already logged onto the ADP Marketplace, you must do so now.
  • You will then see a popup that confirms that the Deputy Connector was added to your MyApps page. Click Go to MyApps.
  • On the MyApps Page, click the Deputy Connector icon. You will be redirected to the page below and asked to provide consent. Click “Initiate Consent” to allow Deputy to export to your ADP account.
  • Click the Connect button under the blue Purchased Deputy On My Own section shown below.
  • You will now see "Connected with ADP" in your Location Settings: Payroll section as shown below.

Step 2: Enable ADP to Deputy Employee Sync

  • Once Step 1 is complete, click on the People tab from the top menu bar.
  • Click the Add People button and select Add/Import Multiple People.
  • From the Add new People screen, select a location, then select ADP from the import choices.


*Please note that we can only export timesheet hours for 1099 CONTRACTORS  if the account only contains 1099 CONTRACTORS. We do not export timesheet hours for 1099 CONTRACTORS if the account also has W2 employees.

At the top of your screen in Deputy click Timesheets, then Export Time Sheets.

Use the location selector in the top left corner to choose a specific location to export, or all locations. Use the date selector to match the export dates in Deputy with your Pay Frequency Period start and end dates (find these in ADP Run under Company->Pay Frequency).

If the dates above do not match, you will not be able to export. If you are exporting for multiple Pay Frequencies in ADP Run, export only the employees associated with a given Frequency. Each unique Pay Frequency must be exported separately, and between exporting different Frequencies you will need to finalize the export in ADP as shown in Step 3.

Once the date and location have been selected, select employees to export by clicking them on the list to the left.

After selecting the employees, click the blue Export Selected Items button. In the window that appears, select ADP (US) - Over the Air.

In the list displayed use the dropdown menus to designate which rate codes your hours in Deputy should be exported to. Ordinary Hours are any hours worked that do not fall into Overtime categories. Shift Loadings (tips) can be exported to your desired rate code. For help on setting up tips, contact our support team at

Overtime hours are any hours that fall within your chosen overtime buckets. You can select the following overtime categories by ticking them in any combination:

-Any hours over 8/10/12 per day
-Any hours over 40 in a week
-Any hours worked on a Sunday
-Any hours worked on a public holiday

Once you have chosen the options you need, click "Export".

You will receive a notification that it has gone through successfully. Next, open your ADP account.

In ADP, go to your Home page and click Time Sheet Import.

On the following screen you will be asked to select the pay frequency you exported for. Please click it.

After selecting the Frequency, you will see the hours appear.

First, verify the hours are correct. You will see them assigned to the departments assuming you set them as explained above. Leave hours from Deputy will always appear as Unassigned. After verifying the hours, click "Accept Import Only" on the lower left. This will allow you to make any changes you need to. Finally, click "Approve" on the lower right corner in ADP.

Please note, after clicking Approve you will not be able to revert this import.

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