For businesses that use a single set of login credentials for their employees, the Single Sign-On for mobile allows for a more secure and seamless login experience.

Before You Begin

Please note that the employee needs to exist within your SSO provider. When adding new employees, they will need to first be added to your SSO provider, and then added to Deputy. When removing an employee from your business, they will need to be discarded in Deputy. You will also need to remove the employee in your SSO provider. 

You will need to send your Deputy URL to your employees. For example, if your URL is, you will only need to send them ''. To learn how to change your URL, check out our help doc here.

2FA will continue to work if the employee uses their Deputy username and password. Using SSO and 2FA is based on the settings configured in the SSO provider.

Single Sign-On for Mobile

First, download the Deputy app. Click the links below depending on your phone's operating system:

After opening the app, tap 'Log In to Deputy.

After that, tap 'Single sign-on'.

Here, enter the details your account's subdomain. This should be provided by your employer.

Now you can enter your SSO details to log into Deputy.

Additional Notes

If I have 2FA activated in Deputy, does it still work when SSO is configured?

No, if 2FA has been set up in Deputy, you won't be able to use it when logging in via SSO. You can set up 2FA through the SSO service provider instead if you would like your employees to have that extra layer of security.

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