This article contains all of our Frequently Asked Questions about features, permissions, and access based on your Deputy Pricing plan. For more information, visit our Pricing page.

For additional help documentation, visit our Billing and Payment help guide.


How much does each SMS cost?

5¢ Globally (1¢ for customers in the US).


How do we charge for our Premium/Scheduling/Enterprise?

Deputy charges customers per person in the system.


What is the difference between Scheduling/Time & Attendance/Premium/Enterprise?


The Scheduling plan is the most basic Deputy plan. This includes Scheduling, Newsfeed, Tasking, SMS & Email Notifications, 24/7 Support, Open API, Templates, and Schedules. The Starter plan does not include any time and attendance functionalities.

Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance was built as an alternate starter plan to the Scheduling plan. This plan only provides basic time clock and timesheet functionality. 


Premium is the most popular Deputy plan which includes all the features of standard, time and attendance functionalities, payroll integration, Point of Sales integration, Performance and Journaling, Standard Reports, Extensions and the ability to manage availability and leave. Premium is the perfect package for business as it has all the core features to manage time and attendance.


Enterprise is the most robust version of Deputy which includes all the features of Starter, Premium. Under our Enterprise plan, you can customise Deputy to your business needs such as advanced awards interpretation, organizational structures, training matrix, advanced reporting and the ability to customise roles and permissions.


AU/US/UK Pricing/How much does X plan cost?

Deputy currently accepts payments via Credit card and Paypal only. If your business is a charity, or a not-for-profit organisation, you may be eligible for a discounted pricing plan pending relevant documentation. Please contact our support staff for more information.


AUD$2.20 (inc. GST) per user per month for Deputy Starter and AUD$5.50 (inc. GST) per user per month for Deputy Premium.

Deputy Premium is also available on annual pricing; Deputy Premium is available for AUD$4.40 (inc. GST) per user per month on annual pricing


USD$2 per user per month for Scheduling and USD$4 per user per month for Deputy Premium.

Deputy Premium is also available on annual pricing; Deputy Premium is available for USD$3 per user per month. 


£1 per user per month for Scheduling and £2.20 per user per month for Deputy Premium. Deputy Premium is also available on annual pricing; Deputy Premium is available for £2 per user per month on annual pricing.

Other Regions

If you reside in a region not listed above, contact your Account Manager, or speak to our friendly 24/7 support chat to arrange your method of payment and currency.


What payment methods do you currently support?

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • American Express (AMEX)
  • Paypal


What is Deputy Flexi?

Deputy Flexi is an option for seasonal businesses and offers the exact same features as Deputy Premium. Flexi is priced per active users per week, for more information on Flexi pricing please contact our friendly support staff.


What counts as an 'active user' in the Flexi Plan?

An Active User is defined as the system admin, an employee who has accepted an invite/and logged in, a shift has been published, timesheet submitted or performed management functions such as scheduling, exporting payroll information, managing tasks, creating journal entries or reviewing reports.


How does Deputy pro-rata billing for new, discarded and reinstated users?

Deputy tries to be as fair as possible, so where possible we pro-rata charges for employees added to or removed from the account.

When you add a User into Deputy for the first time, we will prorate the per user cost for that first month. I.e. If you add a new employee 5 days before the end of the month, you'll only get charged for those 5 days.

When you Discard a Users in Deputy, the same logic applies as above. If you discard an employee after 10 days of a month, you will only be charged for 10 days usage.

However, if you reinstate a previously discarded user we will bill for the full per user price for that month, regardless of the time or day that they were reinstated.


When are we going to be billed?

Your Tax Invoice/Statement will be generated on the last day of every month. You'll only be charged for what you use, so if you upgrade on the 15th, you'll only be charged for half a month. Likewise, if you add an employee 5 days before the end of the month, you'll only get charged for those 5 days. The same applies in reverse when an employee leaves. We will always respect a free trial period, so if you upgrade 14 days before your trial expires, you won't start paying for 14 days.

For annual pricing customers, your Invoice/Statement will be generated on the same day that you subscribed to annual pricing.


Are system admin/account owners/dummy employees included in the per user fee?

Deputy charges based on the number of people in the account. A system admin is always included in the per user fee as are dummy employees that are in the system.


Do I get charged for SMS?

Yes, Deputy charges for any SMS sent. SMS costs 5c worldwide and 1c in the US. You will be charged an SMS cost regardless of if you are on trial.

To disable SMS notifications from your account, check out our help guide.


Do you have annual pricing?

Annual pricing is only available for the Premium and Enterprise versions of Deputy. With annual you pay for the number of users you will need in advance, with the option of adding more users when needed.


Does the cost include tax/VAT/GST?

Pricing of Deputy in Australia includes GST with the cost per user.


Is there an additional charge if I add more locations to the account?

Deputy does not charge for additional locations on the same account. You can have as many locations as need on one account.

Why has my Deputy bill increased? 

As Deputy continues to grow around the world, we’re evolving how we operate locally. This means we’ll increasingly be rolling out new features and updates to meet the specific needs of UK/US businesses. Part of operating locally, also means complying with local tax laws and regulations.

Who is Deputy EMEA Limited?

Deputy EMEA Limited is the UK arm of Deputy Group, based out of the UK.

Who is Deputy Corporation?

Deputy Corporation is the American arm of Deputy Group, based out of the USA.

Will this change my Deputy experience?

No, we are still all the same company, and your Deputy experience will remain the same. This is purely a change to billing practice to ensure global tax and regulatory compliance.

(UK customers) Will the VAT charge be in included or additional to my existing Deputy bill?

The 20% VAT is an addition to the existing price, which may mean it will be an additional cost for businesses that are unable to claim back VAT. We do not have the ability to charge or remove VAT, this is a requirement from HMRC that we need to comply with.

(Non-UK EU only) Why do you need my VAT number?

For non-UK customers in the EU, if you provide your VAT number, then we do not need to charge you VAT.

(US customers) When and where will local tax apply in the US?

Texas and Massachusetts are currently the only States where local sales taxes will apply.

How long do I have to add my VAT number (EU customers only):

Ideally as soon as possible.

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