This article has been written for users with System Administrator or Advisor access to Deputy.

This integration was built and is supported by Doshii. For ALL setup help and support of this integration, please contact Doshii.

What does Doshii do?

Doshii gets all the apps your hospitality business relies on talking to one another, by connecting them directly to your POS.

What does the integration between Doshii and Deputy support?

The Doshii integration with Deputy pushes all sales data (i.e. completed orders) from the POS through to your Deputy account in real-time.

Note: If the order does not get completed in the POS and sits in accepted status for some reason, it won’t get sent to Deputy until it is complete.

Connecting Doshii to your Deputy account

Before you start

  • Ensure you have System Administrator or Advisor access to your Deputy account.

  • If you don't already have a Doshii account, go to and click the Get Connected to create an account. You will be asked for information about your venue and POS provider and then you can request a connection to Deputy.

  • If you are an existing Doshii customer, you just need to log in to your account and request a connection to Deputy.

Information Doshii needs to set up your Deputy connection

To begin setting up your venue with Deputy, you will need to provide two properties to Doshii:

1. Deputy Account ID

You can find your Deputy Account ID by looking at your Deputy URL, e.g.

The Account ID is the section of the URL prior to the host. In the example above, the Account ID would be:

If in doubt, please provide us with the full Deputy URL.

2. API Access Token

We need you to generate an access token via the Deputy portal. The following instructions are for a Deputy Premium account. If you have a Deputy Enterprise account, you can skip Step 1. As an Enterprise customer, you can access OAuth Clients via a menu.

Note: to generate an Access Token, you must have a System Administrator or Advisor access level in your Deputy account.

1. Please copy the following URL in your browser:

{Your Deputy URL}/exec/devapp/oauth_clients

2. Click New OAuth Client on the top left.

New Oauth client

3. Create a new Oauth client with the following details:

Name: Doshii

Description: Doshii integration

Redirect URL:

Click Save This OAuth Client at the top once complete.

New OAuth client

4. When the screen below is displayed, click Get An Access Token at the top right of the screen.

Get an Access Token

5. Copy the Access Token details to provide to Doshii.

Access Token details

To progress with setting you up with Deputy using Doshii, you will need to email these two items to

1. Deputy Account ID

2. API Access Token

If you are having trouble obtaining the information you need, Doshii are happy to arrange a call to take you through the process, simply reach out at

Once Doshii receives your Deputy Account ID and API Access Token, they will configure two webhooks for your business in Deputy (no action is required by Deputy or yourself) and then notify you of the connection.

Further Configuration

Multiple Doshii Locations feeding into one Deputy Account

If you have two business locations associated with the same Deputy account, you will need to update the location name in Deputy to include the Doshii location ID (or other unique value) in brackets for each venue.


Business 123 has two venues in Doshii, but one Deputy account which contains both locations. You will need to amend your Deputy location names to include the Doshii Location ID in brackets after the name.

Location 1 becomes: Location 1 (4g1234B1)

Location 2 becomes: Location 2 (4n1234Wl)

You can change Location names in Deputy in the Locations tab, on the General page. Don't forget to click Save.

Location name

Impos only: Configuring the Deputy Location Area

If a specific POS terminal needs to be matched with a Location's Area in Deputy then Doshii Customer Success will share the Terminals ID located at the bottom in the Doshii Venue Dashboard, with you and ask you to add the ID value for each POS to the corresponding Area in Deputy in brackets

e.g. If Terminal ID 1 = Yjj1VvDga then, Area 1 in Deputy becomes: Area 1 (Yjj1VvDga)

Area names

If Multiple POS terminals data need to flow into the same Location Area on Deputy, you can add multiple ID values in the same field.

e.g. One Location's Area in Deputy is made up of three terminals:

Terminal ID 1: Yjj1VvDga

Terminal ID 2: eBBNv1Gr2

Terminal ID 3: mlljDGng6

Then add all three codes to Area 1 which becomes: Area 1 (Yjj1VvDga eBBNv1Gr2 mlljDGng6) and the result will be the sum of sales of all the POS systems added in the same Location's Area. (eg. Upstairs, Back Section)

H&L POS only: Configuring the Deputy Location Area

If you are using H&L for your POS and Deputy connection by Doshii, then the sales data will flow into the Location Area from the original order in H&L as long as the Location Area name that Doshii get from H&L matches the Location Area name within Deputy.

Please note: this integration was built and is supported by Doshii. For ALL setup help and support of this integration, please contact Doshii.

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