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What is Dor?

Dor helps hundreds of brands increase their store performance with its simple data visualization and analytics solution powered by the world’s first battery-enabled, thermal-sensing people counter.


What are the benefits of using Dor + Deputy?

Dor and Deputy customers can see their store’s peak hours and optimize their staff scheduling accordingly. This helps them increase their customer satisfaction and decrease their staffing costs.

Read more about how using custom metrics such as foot traffic counters can help you with Smart Scheduling in Deputy.

Dor customers can also integrate Dor into their POS systems and see the conversion rates of their customers. In addition, Dor customers can measure their marketing effectiveness by attributing the foot traffic data to their marketing campaigns.

How to activate Dor

  1. When you are ready to install, go to on any desktop or mobile device to get started on activating your devices.

  2. Enter the serial number of the devices to be activated.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete activation.

How to start API integration

  1. Make sure that Deputy and Dor are both working at the same time.

  2. Send an email to with the subject line: “ Deputy Integration”

  3. Our customer success team will respond to your request shortly and start the API integration process with our developer team.


How often does the data sync between Dor & Deputy?

Data will sync hourly.

How do Dor's sensors work?

Dor’s sensor tracks a human thermal pattern across the threshold of an entryway. The data is then compiled to produce a ‘count’ to tell you how many people came into the space at an hourly or daily level. This data is relayed to the dashboard via the cellular base station.

When will I see the data on my dashboard?

Dor foot traffic data is relayed to the dashboard in hourly rollups. To ensure all data is uploaded for a given time period, we recommend waiting 90 minutes until after the last event to view the data.

Does the sensor chime every time someone walks through the door?

No, the sensor will only chime to confirm activation or if the white button is pressed.

Sales and support at Dor


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You can also find more information about Dor here including:

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