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Can I complete or submit an onboarding form on behalf of my employee?

No, you can not fill in their onboarding details through their profile. Employees will need to fill in the onboarding forms themselves.

Onboarding Status and Review

I haven’t used the onboarding feature recently, why do I see the new onboarding status?

You will see the onboarding status if you sent an onboarding invitation in the past but your team member never completed it or you never approved It. The onboarding status will appear until they complete and submit the onboarding and/or you have approved it.

I can see “Onboarding in progress” what does this mean? How do I get them to complete their onboarding?

Onboarding in progress means the team member has not submitted their onboarding forms. To remind them, you can resend the onboarding link. Go to their profile, Forms and documents tab then click on Resend link and they will receive an email and text message.

I can see “Awaiting onboarding approval” what does this mean? How do I approve their onboarding?

Awaiting onboarding approval means you need to sync and approve the submitted onboarding forms. Go to their profile, Forms and documents tab then click Sync and approve or Sync details.

Note: you will not be charged any onboarding fees if you sync and approve a team member’s onboarding that was sent before 15 November 2021.

If you do not want to sync outdated tax and Super details into Xero, you can uncheck the Xero option to approve but not sync to Xero.

How do I know which team members have completed their onboarding?

You will not see a status underneath their name but you can filter for those who have completed their onboarding.

Request and send documents

Can I request or add more documents for already onboarded team members?

No, currently once team members have submitted their onboarding, you can not request or add more documents against their profile. You can request for them to reupload the same document you've requested in the case where the document/image is not correct or not clear.

My employee has uploaded the wrong document, do I get them to upload the correct one?

If they have submitted and completed the onboarding, you can send a Request Changes via the Forms and Documents tab in their profile. In the message field, you can let them know what needs to be updated.

If they have not submitted their onboarding, they can open the onboarding form and delete the uploaded file and reupload a new file.

Is there a limit on how many documents I can send per onboarding?

You can send up to 20 documents for each onboarding invitation.

Can I see what my team member will receive?

At the moment, we don't have a preview mode but if you'd like, you can send the onboarding invitation to yourself to see the team member experience.

Can I add documents to previously onboarded employees?

No, but this is something we're working on next, plus lots more!

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