This guide is only for the new people experience for Enterprise customers, rolling out from March 2022.

Before we begin, ensure you are logged into Deputy as a Location Manager or System Administrator. Your required pay rates will also have needed to be configured for you beforehand to assign to your employees.

This guide covers:

Finding the Edit Tab:

To get to the point where you can edit an employee, navigate to your People tab. From here, select your employee. A screen similar to the below will pop up - by going to Employment on the left, you can then see an edit screen for their employment details (and view all of them while you are at it!)

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Assigning locations to your team members

Assigning a team member to a location allows them to appear by default as available to be scheduled. It also allows you to set up pay details for those locations! To add locations to your employee, in the Work Details section, navigate to Works At. Click Add locations to open up a dropdown of available options for you to click. Remember to click Add Options for them to appear! To finalise this, click Save.

To remove options, hover over them and click the Remove button.

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What's a Primary Location?

A primary location is regarded as your team member's default workplace - that is, where they most commonly work. Depending on your setup, this could be a particular store or role.

This location drives:

  • How the employee is paid by default

  • What leave entitlements the employee is entitled to

  • What appears in several reports and views throughout Deputy

It is highly recommended that the Primary Location is always assigned to a pay detail, so that your employee will always receive that pay


Creating a Pay Detail

Scroll down to the pay details section to set up the rules for how an employee will be paid. If the employee hasn't had this set up before, it will appear something like this:

This shows you a lot of options to fill out! Let's break them down one by one.

What's an Employment Type?

This can be Full Time, Part Time or Casual. This helps filter down your pay rate options later.

What are Pay Periods?

A pay period is the recurring time frame used to calculate earned wages, such as overtime. Usually, this is the recurring period over which someone gets paid.

What are Pay Rates?

Pay rates are the rules that make up how someone gets paid, from when overtime is triggered to any penalties and loadings someone is due. This is usually configured in your instance for you to select from.

This dropdown is filtered by the Employment Type and Pay Period above it.

What is a Pay Centre?

Pay centres (also known as cost centres) mark where your employee's time will be costed to. This field is compulsory.

Note: Deputy only allows the combination of Pay Period and Pay Centre to be used once per employee. To make another pay rate, you will need a different Pay Period and Pay Centre combination, or to edit an existing pay detail (which may be archived.)

What is a Payroll ID?

Payroll ID's are an identifying number or word that is usually combined with your payroll system to identify who your staff member is. This field is optional.

What about Salaried staff?

If you have a salaried staff member, when you select the salaried pay rate the following drop down will appear.

This allows you to enter the salary for the team member as either an annual or per pay period amount.

For more on Salary allocations and how this works, please look here:

Assigning Locations to a Pay Detail

Once you have configured your pay detail, you need to assign it to locations for this to take effect.

Deputy will look at timesheets worked by your employee. If the location matches one of the locations that you have assigned a pay rate to, it will use that. Otherwise, it will default to the pay rate that you have assigned the team member's primary location to.

To assign a location to a pay rate, click the Add Locations button under the pay rate and assign relevant locations.

Note: A location can only be assigned to ONE pay detail per employee. To assign it to another one, please remove it from the old one first.

Note: The Primary Location will determine which pay detail is the default pay detail - please ensure this is assigned correctly.

Please remember to use the Save button to preserve your pay detail.

Creating Multiple Pay Details

Sometimes staff need multiple pay details - perhaps they get paid differently across locations, or need to be costed to different cost centres. To set up more pay details, click the Add Pay Detail button.

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This will launch a form for you to enter in more pay detail information. Fill these in as before.

Note: Deputy only allows the combination of Pay Period and Pay Centre to be used once per employee. To make another pay rate, you will need a different Pay Period and Pay Centre combination, or to edit an existing pay detail (which may be archived).

When done, remember to assign locations to the pay detail and to save.

Having multiple pay details will change your view to something resembling this:

Use the add location button as before to add locations to the new pay detail.

Editing a Pay Detail

Pressing the Edit button on a pay detail will allow you to change the details of the pay rate.

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Note that after use, the Pay Centre and Pay Period cannot be altered for data integrity and audit reasons. Please create a new pay detail if you wish these altered.

Archiving and Unarchiving a Pay Detail

Sometimes a person no longer needs a pay detail, and you no longer wish to see it in your people profile. To solve this, the best solution is to archive the pay detail.

To archive a pay detail, press the Edit button, then press the Archive Pay Detail button.

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To view any archived pay details, use the filter button to view archived pay details. To unarchive them, simply press edit - the unarchive button will be in the same spot as the archived button.

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Leave Entitlements

In Enterprise, the leave entitlements are tied into an employees pay rates. Employee's are entitled to all the leave types in the pay detail that their primary location is assigned to.

Enterprise users cannot alter this in the Edit view.

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