The new employee profile offers a more streamlined experience when adding or updating employee details. The new layout makes it faster to find the employee information you need, with a larger modal, grouped tabs and an overall more intuitive experience for managers.

We will be rolling out the changes to Deputy Enterprise accounts from March to June 2022 so we’d like to show you the changes you will see and just how it simplifies how you manage your employee information in Deputy.

As the new employee profile view is currently in Beta, we would love to hear any thoughts or feedback you may have via this form.

Before we begin, ensure you are logged into Deputy as a Location Manager or System Administrator.

What’s New?

The employee profile is still the place to go to view and edit all your information on your employees but we’ve streamlined the number of tabs you need to click on to see and edit information.

We’ve grouped the tabs into categories on the left-hand side of the screen that make it faster to find the information you are looking for.

When you open the tabs, the pages are much more organised with a clean new look to clearly display the information you need to find.

Where do I find my employee information in the New Employee Profile?

As always, you can find your employee information under the People tab

Here’s a quick cheat sheet on where to find all your employee information in the new Employee Profile:


Will all Deputy accounts see the new employee profile?

Yes, by the end of June all Enterprise accounts will have the new profile.

Why can’t I see the new employee profile?

The new experience will be available to all the users as the rollout progresses. If you wish to opt in to the beta, please use the toggle in your Business Settings → Upcoming Features and turn on the Refreshed People Tab. This will activate this for your whole organisation.

Will I be able to opt-out of the new experience?

During the beta, you will be able to turn off the beta using the above toggle. Once the beta period ends however, all businesses will be moved to the new experience.

We would love to hear any thoughts or feedback you may have via this form.

Has anything changed regarding the process to add new team members?

No, the process to add new team members remains mostly the same.

Has anything changed regarding the process to modify pay rates?

Yes, we have improved this experience to make creating and assigning pay rates even easier - please follow this help doc to see how it works.

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