The Xero Marketplace is a new way to trial and subscribe to Deputy.

By subscribing via Xero, you are able to:

  • Create a trial using your existing Xero login credentials.

  • Subscribe, upgrade and downgrade your Deputy Plan.

  • Pay via Xero - meaning one invoice and one place to manage your subscriptions!

This guide will cover:

Trialling Deputy through the Xero App Store

To trial deputy through the Xero App Store:

  1. Login to your Xero account

  2. Navigate to the Deputy listing on the Xero App Store.

  3. Click Sign up with Xero

    Xero Sign in

  4. Agree to the permissions & choose the organization you wish to connect to Deputy.

  5. Enter some details about your business & enjoy Deputy!

How to subscribe to Deputy via Xero Marketplace

After creating your trial from the Xero Marketplace, you are able to pay for your subscription through the payment information you have already provided to Xero.

  1. Login to your Deputy organization.

  2. At the top of your screen you are able to see how many days of your trial remain. Click Choose Plan in this top banner to be redirected to the Xero plan page.

  3. Choose the correct plan based on your business size.

Deputy plan selection

4. Click confirm plan - your new plan will take effect immediately.


  • App Store Subscriptions are only suitable for businesses with up to 50 team members. For larger plan sizes, please contact sales at 1300-DEPUTY (1300-337-889).

  • App Store plans are based around user tiers - if you wish to add more than your current tier, you are able to navigate back to this screen and upgrade to a higher plan.

  • Changes will take effect immediately for plan upgrades, or at your next billing date for plan downgrades and cancellations.

Changing your subscription

1. Navigate to the Xero App Store

2. Click Go to connected apps on the right-hand side.

Connected Apps

3. From here you can manage your subscription, including upgrading, downgrading, cancelling, and viewing invoices.



  • Cancellations and downgrades will take effect at your next billing date.

  • Upgrades will take effect immediately.

How to sign in to Deputy using your Xero Credentials

Signing into Deputy using your Xero Credentials on Web

1. Navigate to

2. Click Login with a third party service

3. Click Xero

4. Enter your Xero credentials!

Signing into Deputy using your Xero Credentials on Mobile

1. On the home screen, tap Have an account? Log in

2. Tap Login With Xero

3. Enter your credentials!


1. Will I receive a new invoice?

Yes - after subscribing to Deputy through the Xero App Store, you will receive a new Deputy specific invoice emailed monthly. You will be charged monthly based on the date you originally signed up for your subscription.

2. When do downgrades and cancellations take effect?

After cancelling or downgrading, you will be able to keep using the features in your current plan till your next billing date.

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