Let's look at the settings that affect how you schedule your team in each location of your organisation.

Permissions to Configure Schedule Settings

Users with an access level of System Administrator have the ability to configure some global schedule settings for their whole organisation.

Users with an access level of System Administrators and Location Manager are able to configure schedule settings for the locations they manage.

How to Access Schedule Settings by Location

To access these settings you will need to log into the Deputy website. It is possible to configure some settings via the iOS Deputy mobile app.

  1. Click on Locations

  2. Click on Edit Settings for the Location you wish to configure schedule settings for.

3. Select Scheduling from the menu on the left-hand side.

Schedule Settings by Location


You can set:

  • The first day of the week on the schedule

  • The default shift length when creating shifts

  • The default break duration when creating shifts

Creating and Publishing Shifts

You can set:

  • When a shift locks to prevent changes (never, 7 days, 3 days or 1 day)

  • Which manager receives notifications for messaging such as late team members, shift swap approvals and open shifts claimed (Schedule Creator, Scheduling Managers of Location or Scheduling Managers of Location and Currently Working or Best Fit.)

  • Whether team members are notified when shifts are removed

  • When unconfirmed shifts (if using shift confirmation) are turned to open shifts if the team member does not confirm the shift

  • Scheduling team member suggestion order

  • Whether to display the Location and Area name when publishing shifts by SMS

Swaps and offers

You can set:

  • Whether team members can view each other's shifts

  • Whether team members can swap shifts with each other

  • Whether managers need to approve shift swaps

  • Whether team members can offer their shift to other team members


You can set:

  • an on-cost percentage for all salaries and wages when reporting

  • a default cost (per hour) for all empty or open shifts

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