This guide shows managers with System Administrator and Location Manager level access to Deputy can do from their phones on the Deputy mobile apps.

If you are interested in seeing what your team members with employee level access can do on their phone please read Employee Guide to the Mobile App.

Getting Started on Deputy Mobile App

Before you start ensure you have already done the following:

  1. Received an invitation to Deputy via email or a shared link.

    If your workplace uses the Deputy Kiosk to sign in and out you will need to note the Kiosk PIN in the invitation email to sign in to Kiosk.

  2. Followed the link in the email to set a password and activate your account:

    Note: If your employer has invited you to join Deputy by sharing a URL link rather than an email, then your sign up screen will then look like this:

3. Downloaded the Deputy Mobile App for either iOS or Android as appropriate to your device.

  • Deputy app for iOS requires a device running iOS 14.0 or later

  • Deputy app for Android requires a device running Android 7.0 and up

Now let's look at what you can do in the Deputy app.

Profile Settings

If you tap on your Profile Photo on the Home tab (iOS) or the hamburger icon on the top left of any screen (Android) in the Deputy app you can:

  • update your personal details

  • get help by starting a chat with our 24/7 support team or read our collection of help articles

  • switch over to access another business in Deputy (if you work at multiple organisations that all use Deputy)

  • Log out from the app



In addition to the above, when you tap on the hamburger icon on Android you can also

  • edit your business name, number of staff

  • refer a friend to Deputy


All mobile app users including Employees have access to

In addition to this, Location Managers and System Administrators can also use the Home screen to view:

Today's Snapshot

Tap on the numbers displayed in the Today Snapshot to link directly to team members currently:

  • on shift

  • on break

  • late to clock on

  • scheduled to work later today

Needs Approval Dashboard

Tap on the numbers displayed in the Needs approval dashboard to link directly to the approval of:

Shift Engagement Dashboard

Tap on View Feedback to see comments left by team members as they completed their shift (if you have shift engagement turned on)

News Feed

Read and Send Messages, Photos and Videos to Your Team

You can read and send text, photos and videos to your team from your phone.

  1. Tap on News Feed in the navigation bar.

  2. Tap on each message to read it, tap I Confirm if the sender has required confirmation of you reading it.

  3. Post a comment to reply to any messages sent to you.

  4. If you want to send a message to a group or individual, just tap on the + icon and select the recipient.

Note: System Administrators have the ability to restrict specific access level groups from posting or commenting in News Feed. Read more in News Feed and Posts.


Schedule View

You can review your organisation's schedule on the mobile apps in both:

You can swap between the two views by tapping on the calendar icon on the top left of the screen (on iOS as pictured above) or on the top right (on Android).

You can also jump to Today's schedule or view all team member's Time Off in the schedule (iOS only)

Add Shifts

  1. On the schedule tab tap on the + icon then Add Shift

2. Select or Search for the team member you want to add the shift for or else choose an Open, Open with Approval or Empty shift to add to the schedule. A tick appears next to the option you select.

3. Select the Area, Date, Time, Break details, whether the shift is repeated another day, edit the team member or shift type if needed and add shift notes then tap Add shift.

After the shifts have been added to the schedule you will need to Publish them so that your team members are notified of the changes you have made.

Update or Delete a Shift

1. If you need to change or remove a shift from the schedule just tap on the shift in the schedule

2. Update the relevant details, such as Start Time then tap on Update. You can also tap on the trash can icon to delete the shift completely.

Don't forget to Publish any changes you have made to the schedule so your team members are aware of them.

Copy Shifts

Copy shifts allows you to copy shifts from one schedule view to paste in another time period.

1. On the Schedule tab, select the Location, and date range you wish to copy shifts from. Note that the Schedule View you are viewing will determine whether you copy the week's shifts or just one day's. In the example below we are looking at Week view where one week's schedule can be viewed by Area.

2. Tap on the + icon and select Copy Shifts from the menu.

3. All shifts on the current schedule view will be selected you can tap on individual shifts to unselect some shifts or tap on Unselect all if required.

4. Once you have the required shifts selected with ticks, tap on Copy X shifts.

5. Swipe through the weeks until you are viewing the date range you wish to copy the shifts to.

6. Tap on Paste X Shifts.

After the shifts have been pasted into the schedule you will need to Publish them so that your team members are notified of the changes you have made.

Import Shifts

Import shifts is a way to import the shifts from one day in the schedule to another day.

1. On the Schedule tab, select your desired Location and tap on the + icon and select Import Shifts from the menu. For Android mobile app users you will need to ensure only one location is chosen and you are in Day View to see the Import shift option.

2. Tap on the date field to select the day you wish to import shifts From and To. You can further select only certain areas or select all shifts to imports.

3. Tap Import.

After the shifts have been added to the schedule you will need to Publish them so that your team members are notified of the changes you have made.

Load Schedule Template

Schedule Templates are a way that you can save an 'ideal' schedule that you have already set up to load into another time period.

Note that to load a template into your schedule on the Deputy mobile apps you will need to have saved it already using the Deputy website.

Please read more about using templates to schedule at Schedule Templates.

Auto Fill Shifts

Autofill is a way to have Deputy automatically fill any empty shifts in your schedule with recommended team members.

1. On the Schedule tab, select a schedule with Empty shifts (coloured grey and no team members' names in the shift as shown in the iOS mobile app example below) and tap on the + icon.

2. Select Auto Fill from the menu.

Note: for Android mobile app users you will need to select the team member schedule view on a day with empty shifts in the schedule and the Autofill Shifts button will appear automatically at the bottom of the schedule for you to tap.

3. You can lee a list of the Empty shifts at that location for the date range selected in the Schedule. Tap on Start Auto Fill to have Deputy fill the empty shifts.

4. You can see the shifts are filled with the names of the most suitable team members are per our 5 recommendation factors.

After the shifts have been filled in the schedule you will need to Publish them so that your team members are notified of the changes you have made.

Publish Shifts

After making changes in the schedule you will need to publish shifts so your team members can view them, and if you choose, are notified of the changes to shifts.

1. You will know you have unpublished shifts when viewing a schedule if you have a button at the bottom of the screen Publish Shifts. You can also tap on the + icon and select Publish shifts on the iOS app.

2. Select the areas with shifts you wish to publish.

3. Tap on Publish options to select whether you want to:

  • publish updates only OR publish all shifts

  • notify team members with an email and mobile push notification OR notify and require confirmation OR send no notification that you have published shifts

4. Tap Publish when you are ready to publish the shifts.

Find A Replacement

If you have a team member that can't work a shift, you can find a replacement from your mobile app.

1. Tap on the shift needing a replacement in the schedule.

2. Select Find Replacement.

3. The team members that are recommended to work the shift will be listed. You can send a message to a selection of them OR all of them to ask them if they can work the shift.

4. You can see in the schedule that the shift will now appear as an Open shift which means that the first team member to claim it from those you messaged will be assigned the shift.

Don't forget to Publish any changes you made to the schedule.

Note: If you wish to have control over which team member claims the Open shift you are replacing then you will need to instead delete the existing shift and add a new shift as an Open shift with manager approval.


Review, Amend and Approve Timesheets

Managers can review, amend and approve team member's timesheet from their mobile.

1. On the Timesheets tab select the list of Pending timesheets.

2. Tap on a shift to review or amend the shift details then tap Approve to save changes and Approve in one step.

If you do not need to review each timesheet individually or amend any details you can either tap Select all or tap on selected timesheets to mark them for approval, then tap Approve.

When you tap on the Approved timesheet list you can see all approved timesheets have a green tick. You can tap on any timesheet to review the details including a timesheet history or Update details further and approve again.

Add Timesheets

Team members have the ability to add their own ad-hoc timesheets (if the manager gives permission) for shifts they have worked in the past where they may not have clocked on to a scheduled shift.

Managers are also able to add and approve ad hoc timesheets for team members where they did not clock on to work a shift.

1. On the Timesheets tab, tap on the + icon.

2. Enter the Area, Team member(s) and Date, Time and Break Details you wish to create a timesheet for.

3. Tap on Add to create and approve the timesheet in one step.

Note that timesheets can not be created for future dates and times.


View Team Member Profiles

On the People tab you can select a team member you manage to:

  • Review and edit their profile details

  • Clock in for a Shift on their behalf or begin an unscheduled shift

  • Send them a message in Deputy News Feed

  • Assign them a Task

  • Contact them via Email or Phone

  • View and Amend their Upcoming Shifts

  • View, Amend and Approve their Timesheets

  • View and Approve their Leave Requests

  • View their Unavailability Requests

  • View or create a Journal item about the team member

Find a Replacement

In addition to using the Schedule tab to find a replacement for team members that can't work, you can also tap on scheduled team members on the People page to find a replacement.

1. On the People tab, tap on the name of the scheduled team member that can no longer work their scheduled shift.

2. Tap Find Replacement if the shift is today or else tap on Upcoming Shifts to select the shift they can not work.

3. Follow the steps detailed previously to invite other team members to work this shift instead.

Don't forget to Publish any changes you made to the schedule.

Add Team Members

You can add new team members to your organisation from within the Deputy mobile app.

  1. On the People tab, tap on the + icon then select Add people manually to enter your new team member's Name, Email and/or phone number. Alternatively, add them directly from the contacts on your phone. The new team member will be sent an invite to join your organisation on Deputy if you enter an email address or phone number.

2. If you select Import from HR or payroll, then you will be asked to sign in to your third party payroll software to import team members details.

3. If you select Invite with link, Deputy will generate a unique URL for your organisation which you can copy and paste into a message, onto a social media page or chat group allowing your team members to sign up. You will still have control to approve access when they sign up and you also have the option to deactivate the link when you no longer need it.

Curious about what functionality you can perform on Deputy mobile app and when you need to head over to the Deputy website? Read Ways to Use Deputy Across Different Devices for a summary.

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