This training will be setting up Public Holidays, schedule templates, approving and managing timesheets, people management including stress profiles, unavailability, and the new onboarding feature. We'll also cover the News Feed for communicating operating hours over the holidays. This training session is best suited for managers new to Deputy and/or experienced users looking to optimise their account practise in Deputy.

Due to the number of questions and demand, we created this Help guide containing the training recording and the live questions and answers.

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Q & A Topics


Leave & Public Holidays





If you create a recurring a group task when you add a new employee to this group will this feed through to them as well? We don't have locations as such, but we do have Part-time and casuals, can we add those as locations so that they get separate tasks etc?

Yes, as long as they are attached to that location and scheduled within that area. I would suggest creating Casual and Part-time as areas within your exisiting location. As you may still want to schedule them on the same roster. You can also choose to assign tasks individually but they will not be recurrent tasks.

The add task drop down box in this demonstration here is different to mine
I have;
- Add Task Group
- Add Task
- Assign Task

The webinar today is using our latest platform version. Our product team are gradually releasing an update that will impact all accounts. This will be part of the next update.

Is there a record of tasks that you can print out?

Unfortunately not as a report. But all historical tasks will remain under “My Tasks” or “Assigned Tasks”.

Leave & Public Holiday

Can we block out a period e.g. Christmas break?

Yes you can add public holidays and block off time of requests, meaning your employees will not be able to submit unavailability or leave. This will be covered in today’s webinar.

If we set the day as Public Holiday, is this will automatically pay the employees as Public Holiday?

Yes. Once you have marked the date in the schedule as ‘Public Holiday’ the system will automatically apply Public Holiday rates.

Why can’t I see ‘time off’ in my schedule view please?

The webinar today is using our latest platform version. Our product team are gradually releasing an update that will impact all accounts. This will be part of the next update.

Is there any way we can possibly implement annual leave for future dates on Deputy?

You can submit future leave requests. But the timesheet will only be approve once you reach that timesheet for approving and exporting.

This webinar said it would go through processing Public Holidays. For all Full-Time and Part-Time employees I was told by support that I need to manually enter the hours for each PH with ORD rates. This is a very lengthy task, with room for errors. When I import into Xero (which has the correct PH pay lines) I then need to DELETE the imported information to manually update hours to show the 7.6 that WEREN’T worked, but actually a PH. This is a very horrible way to process what should be an automatic part of payroll. What do you suggest instead?

You can create a specific area (or location if you prefer) and call it something like "Public Holiday not worked" and then put all your public holidays into the schedule and then customise the public holiday settings to turn off public holiday rates in that specific area or reach out to our 24/7 support chat for assistance. You would then schedule your team members in this "Public Holiday Not Worked" Location or Area so that they can get paid at their normal rates for that day. For more details:


How can I avoid the 'Minimum Shift Engagement' when we have employees changing shifts frequently?

Minimum Shift Engagement is triggered depending on the clock in/out of the employee. We built our award library with assistance from FairWork Australia and if this is something that is clearly stated in the award you can reach out to our 24/7 support team and they can assist with that in your account.

Can you set up different locations and have an export for timesheets to different Xeros?

Yes you will need to connect your locations to the right Xero account. Once you export timesheets you will need to make sure you have selected the right location.


Can we generate report for all our locations and the employees working on those locations?

Yes, you can use the Employee Details Report in the Reports Tab.

can we generate report for all employee list and their personal information?

Yes, you can use the Employee Details Report in the Reports tab.

Do I need to add Team Member Details Report to the reports tab? as i could't see it now

It may be under ‘Employee Detail’ Report under the Report tab.


Will a recording be provided?

Yes, we will send the recording of the webinar out in the coming days. You can also find all our past webinars here:

Request to add emojis to news feed.

Great idea! this is doable on the mobile apps but please do request this as a feature request via your account > under Help

We would like to set up a minimum of 4hours paid for Sunday shifts - is this possible? Our award requires a minimum of 4hours paid for Sundays even if they only worked 3 hours so we were wondering if that could be automated instead of manually updating timesheets

When you say minimum of 4 hours shift - do you mean scheduling a 4 hour shift in the schedule tab? Once this is placed in the schedule you will get a timesheet for this that will include it as paid work. As this part of an award, we would need to look into this further. Feel free to contact our support team and they will be able to assist further. In the meantime, you can also use the “Import Schedule Details” in the timesheet tab to fill up the timesheet with the scheduled hours.

Is there a training/introduction video for employees?

We are looking in to this for for the New Year! Thanks for suggesting.

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