When you leave an organisation that uses Deputy you lose access to that organisation but you still retain an individual profile account with Deputy.

Here's what you can do on Deputy after you leave an organisation:

  • Access and update your Global Profile via once.deputy.com

  • Be added to new organisations (for example, if you start a new job at an organisation that also uses Deputy)

Here's what you can't do on Deputy after you leave an organisation:

  • You will no longer have access to the organisation's account in Deputy.

  • You will no longer receive communication from the organisation or see it listed when you log into your account.

  • You will no longer have access to timesheets or other information associated with that organisation so if you require any work history information, please contact the administrator of that organisation.

How can I delete my individual account with Deputy?

If you wish, you can maintain an individual account with Deputy in case you start a new job with another organisation that uses Deputy.

However, if you would prefer to delete your account after you have left your organisation, you can do this by logging into once.deputy.com, clicking Edit Profile and then Delete my account.

Note: you can not delete your own individual Deputy account while you are connected to an organisation in Deputy. You will need to be archived or removed from the organisation by a system administrator first. Please contact the administrator of each organisation you are connected to, to be removed.

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