This article has been written for users with system administrator access to Deputy.

Quickbooks uses a white-labelled version of KeyPay to get timesheets from Deputy into Quickbooks.

This guide will cover:

Find and connect Quickbooks

  1. In the top right under "Hello, John" > Integrations

  2. Find Quickbooks and login using your Quickbooks credentials
    Note: You do not need to configure Quickbooks for any locations

Linking employees between Deputy and Quickbooks / KeyPay

Setting the employee's external ID in KeyPay

  1. Go to KeyPay

  2. On the left hand side, find Employees > List

  3. Click on any employee to expand their details

  4. Scroll down to the bottom to External ID

  5. Set this value to be the employee's email address

Setting the employee's Payroll ID in Deputy

  1. In Deputy, go to the Employee's profile > Employment

  2. Press Edit in the top right

  3. Click Pay Details

  4. Update the Payroll ID so that this matches the employee's External ID in KeyPay (in this case email address)

Note: The External ID in KeyPay can be any value you like, as long as the KeyPay External ID matches to the Employee's Payroll ID in Deputy

Setting the API key just before you export

  1. Log into KeyPay using your Quickbooks Credentials (NEED TO CHECK THIS!!)

  2. In the top right menu in KeyPay > My Account

  3. Copy the "API Key" value

  4. Paste this into Deputy just before you export

Setting the External ID before you export

  1. Log into KeyPay

  2. On the left-hand side, find Business > Payroll Settings > (Business) Details > External ID

  3. Copy this into Deputy on the export screen where it says Override Business ID

Note: If you are exporting to multiple different KeyPay or Quickbooks companies or businesses, you will need to set this Business ID according to the correct External ID in KeyPay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need to use KeyPay to export to Quickbooks?

For Australian customers, Quickbooks has advised Deputy that they re-use the KeyPay platform in order to get timesheets from Deputy for the purposes of payroll.

Can I set the External ID to be anything for employees in KeyPay?

Yes, the External ID can be set to anything you like however it needs to be unique to the employee. This is typically an email or Payroll ID and you need to ensure it matches between both KeyPay and Deputy.

Does the integration use Deputy pay rates and awards?

Not at this time. Award interpretation can be done on the KeyPay side. Please speak to Quickbooks for more information.

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