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What is Open and Empty Shift Costing?

Deputy's Business Insights Dashboard allows businesses to use sales, wage and labour metrics to enable smarter and more efficient scheduling.

Whilst adding pay rate information to your team members' profiles allows for accurate wage costing of your schedule, any open or empty shifts within your schedule, by default, are not included in this cost.

The below example shows the stats panel on the Schedule page with the wage cost of that schedule displayed.

Deputy is now also introducing the ability to assign a default cost to your open and empty shifts, either across the entire business or separately for each individual location.

Enable Open and Empty Shift Costing

Deputy users with System Administrator access can enable Open and empty shift costing.

1. Log into Deputy and select Business Settings from the menu under your name.

2. In Business Settings, click on the Schedule tab and click on the box to enable "Include empty/open shifts in scheduled wages and scheduled hours".

3. Enter a default value per hour that you would like to represent the open or empty shift cost for your organisation.

Don't forget to click on Apply Changes before you close the window.

When this option is enabled and a cost entered in the field then it will be applied to calculate the wage cost of every open and empty shift within your organisation and this will be reflected in the Scheduling Stats panel.

To Disable Open and Empty Shift Costing

Simply click on the option again in Business Settings > Schedule to remove the selection.

Don't forget to click on Apply Changes before you close the window.

With the feature disabled your open and empty shifts will have no cost and not be reflected in the wage costs on the Stats panel on the Scheduling module.

Set up Location Specific Open and Empty Costing

Rather than assign one value to calculate the wage cost of Open and Empty Shifts across your entire organisation, you can assign each Location it's own default open and empty shift cost.

Once you assign a Location specific Open and Empty Shift cost value it will override the value you assigned in Business Settings for the entire organisation.

To assign a Location specific cost:

1. Click on the Location tab and select the location you would like to configure.

2. Select Scheduling from the menu on the left and scroll to the bottom of the page.

3. Enter a value in Default open/empty shift cost (per hour).

4. Click Save before you leave the page.

In the example above, the $22 per hour cost entered in the Location settings for The Azure will override the $25 per hour cost defined in Business settings for open and empty shifts across the entire organisation.

If the $22 per hour value is removed in the Location settings, the cost will default to the $25 per hour set in Business settings.

If the feature is disabled in Business settings then no value is assigned to open or empty shifts when displaying wage costs for Scheduling.

Read more about Smart Scheduling.

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