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Why would I want to bulk upload timesheets?

Occasionally you might have days where a large number of your team are not working their regular scheduled hours but instead, they all need to be paid the same kind of shift such as:

  • public holidays where full-time team members don't work but are still paid

  • company training days for large groups of staff

Rather than create individual timesheets for each team member in this group, you can save time by bulk uploading their timesheets to Deputy.

How to bulk upload timesheets

This can be achieved in a three-step process using Deputy's web application and a spreadsheet editor:

1. Download a list of team member's names

1. On the Reports page, scroll down to the Team Member details section and click on View full report.

2. Select the Location for the team member you wish to download and select one of the reports and click DOWNLOAD CSV.

Note: it doesn't matter too much which team member report you select as they will all have the list of team member names in them.

3. A CSV file will download to your computer. We are only interested in the column named Display Name.

Please edit the list to only contain the names of the team members you wish to bulk upload a timesheet for and retain the spreadsheet for use later.

2. Complete shift details in bulk in a spreadsheet

1. Download a Timesheet template spreadsheet that will look like this with some sample data already entered.

2. Copy the team members list you created in the first step and paste it into the column labelled Employee in the Timesheet template spreadsheet. Add in the remaining details for the shift you are bulk uploading timesheets for using copy and paste to fill common details quickly.

The following fields are necessary to create a timesheet and the rest are optional:

  • Start shift time and date

  • End shift time and date

  • Area

  • Location (optional but recommended to ensure Area is accurate)

  • Employee name

  • Meal break duration (min)

Save the completed spreadsheet as a CSV file to your computer.

Note: Deputy can not create timesheets with end shift times in the future.

3. Import timesheet spreadsheet back into Deputy

To import data into Deputy you can use the Importer Wizard.

The access method to the Importer Wizard tool depends on whether you are on a Premium or Enterprise plan.

1. Once you have accessed the Import Wizard, click on the dropdown list and select Timesheet.

2. Click on Next.

3. Upload the bulk timesheet CSV file that you created and saved in Step 2.

4. For each field in the Deputy Field Column, select the corresponding column of data from your spreadsheet to match the fields.

5. As you complete each field you can see sample data appear to confirm you are selecting the correct column. You need to match all required fields and any other optional field you require before clicking Next.

6. On this screen you can review and bulk edit or exclude any data you don't wish to import before clicking Next.

7. The data will be imported as timesheets however if there are any problems with your data they will be highlighted on the next screen and you have the opportunity to correct it by clicking Fix it.

You can work through each record one by one to correct the error and Import the data but clicking Import Now.

Uploaded Timesheets

All bulk uploaded spreadsheets can now be viewed and approved as usual on the Approve Timesheets page.

You can see an icon is displayed on the team member's imported timesheet to show it was a non-scheduled shift.

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