This training will be covering an overview of the Reporting tab, creating custom reports, analysing your Labour Costs Vs Sales and introducing our latest new Shift Engagement feature! This training session is best suited for managers new to Deputy and/or experienced users looking to optimise their account set up in Deputy.

Due to the number of questions and demand, we created this Help guide containing the training recording and the live questions and answers.

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Q & A Topics

Custom Report Builder

Other Reports

Sales Data

Schedule Vs Timesheet Vs Sales

Shift Engagement


Custom Report Builder

For report builder, we have a different venues/branches, how do I create a general template report for all venues? Also I observed that filters are not available after customising the reports - like I want to filter the date and venue without actually entering the customising interface.

We will try and get to this question in more detail but in the meantime please check this link:

If we don’t, please get in touch with our support team to troubleshoot further.

Do we have report that export how many minutes staff were late?

Check the location settings under the Timesheets sub section and make sure there isn’t ROUNDING. That means the timesheets will have the clock out time to the minute. If it’s not rounded then it will export to the exact minute they clocked out

How do I turn off a filter?

You will need to remove the set filter in the Configuration of the report.

When I create a report, can I drag and drop fields to reorder them?

Yes, you can choose to rearrange the columns by dragging the grey columns across.

In the custom report builder can i save more than 4 reports?

Yes, you can save as many reports.

In the primary data source will you be adding Employees as a source?

This is related to the reporting template you want to use i.e. Schedule, Timesheet, Training. You can add the employee details once you start editing the report using the other fields.

I also need to arrange a police check/Visa status report

You will need to add this in the training requirements of each employee and then use the training report to extract this data. We have used the police check as an example in this webinar.

Can you run a report to show how many shifts a single person is filling each day? Eg how many shifts a staff planner is filling each day

Yes, you can create a schedule report and use the grouping for your employees. This way you will see how many shifts each employee is doing and add any additional details to the report. The Schedule Vs Timesheet Vs Sales report can also be narrowed down by employee.

Other Reports

Can you set up automated reports that run monthly?

Unfortunately not at the moment. You can save the report and amend the date range. Feel free to share your feedback with our product team.

I am not seeing a dropdown options list from my Reports menu?

You might not have the Access Level/Permission required to use Reports, if the problem persists please contact your Sys Admin or our Support Team:

What exactly does the Journal use report tell us?

The journal is a field in the timesheet that you can fill in with info when approving timesheets. After running the Journal Usage Report, you will be able to see the total number of journals in the selected time period, sorted by manager, category, and employee. Clicking the name of a manager will show the journals by that manager.
For more info, here is a link to the reports article:

Can all reports be used with a date range?

Yes, you can edit the date range at the top of the screen. It has daily/weekly/fortnightly defaults but you can edit a custom date range too.

Can you use the timesheet location report for just timesheets not approved to follow up before running payroll for specific dates?

I would recommend using the Approve Timesheets feature/tab to perform this as it lists all submitted, un-submitted, approved, unapproved timesheets to go through and manage.

How do I get into this training report?

This report is part of the Custom Report Builder in the 'Reports' tab

How do I add training information?

You can add this in the employee profile.

Sales Data

How do I import our store sales into Deputy, we use Shopify.

Here is an article we have on Sales Integrations:

Can Shopify data be imported easily?

Yes you can set this up in the integrations on your account. For more details:

Can I import sales data from ordermate?

If it’s not here:
You can use the Dropbox integration:

Where do the sales figures come from? Is this linked to a POS system?

There are several ways to set this up: Connect your POS software, via Dropbox or enter this manually in the Business Insights. For more detail refer here: Business insights articles can help with this.

Is it possible to input sales data by the area? i.e bar, FOH, kitchen to get wages vs sales %

Yes. You will need to change the setting in Business Insights > Sales > Setting. You can choose between area or location to break down your sales data. But in the Schedule Vs Timesheet Vs Sales report this will be viewed as location and the area breakdowns are visible below.

Can we input sales data manually or import a spreadsheet data for sales?
Yes you can use or simply copy and paste your sales across.

Instead of sales are we able to manipulate the data to show what the team members worked on in manufacturing - ie sqm per day?

The sales data is set as units. You can choose to set a new metric to reflect your choose. You will need to add this in the Business Insights in the schedule tab. refer back to our past webinars as reference:

Schedule Vs Timesheet Vs Sales

For instance if a staff started early it will only reflect on their timesheet but not the original schedule, how can we see this?

The Schedule Vs Timesheet Vs Sales report will give you that information. It will compare your schedule as a theory and timesheet as actuals.

How do I show salaried staffs pay in the Schedule v Timesheet v Sales report. Only those paid by the hour are showing up?

Edit the Salary staff employee profiles to have averaging for Scheduling/Reporting use:

How to generate Schedule vs Timesheet report without showing the cost?

This is tied into access levels. As a Location Manager you can view the reporting tab and see pay details. This report will therefore show all the details. You may choose to create your own custom report to have the necessary information.

Can the timesheet vs schedule vs sale report be grouped by location not area (ie. all uk6 not split into Bar, Front-of house etc)

Yes, you can choose to view this as an area or as a location. You cannot select to view multiple areas but you will use the location view to have the areas broken down below.

Are the costs fully costed, in terms of payroll tax and super?

You will need to add this in the Location settings > Schedule > On Cost. You will need to add a % for this to be added to your costing.

Shift Engagement

Is the emoji for shift engagement anonymous?

Yes the is feedback anonymous. Employees can add optional comments. For more details:

Any hints as to when the shift engagement option will be released for the kiosks?

Unfortunately no ETA just yet, only Android and iOS mobiles at the moment but hopefully soon!

Did you say the shift engagement responses are anonymous?
Is it only group information shown (ie. all responses on a given day added together)? Or can you see shift engagement responses for an individual employee? This would be beneficial to see how individual employees are coping with their workload, vs seeing how the entire team are coping on a given day/week.

Yes responses are anonymous. These are great ideas! Given that it’s one of our newest features, you should check out the article we have on it: and provide us with any feedback as we continue to refine this feature.


Can you add a video in the training module?

Accepted file types: JPEG, JPEG, PNG, CSV, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PDF. You can add videos using the Newsfeed post.

Can staff upload and complete their own Training requirements?

No, Supervisors and above will only be able to submit training requirements for employees.

Say you have employees who are contracted to 38 hours a week - is there a way to lock the import so it only ever transfers the contracted hours to the payroll system?

Unfortunately, Deputy doesn’t have contracted hours functionality built into the Pay/Award interpretation so it wouldn’t be exportable to payroll. There are plans to bring this into Deputy but no specific ETA just yet.

Is it easier or better to track TIL in Deputy then Export to XERO or the other way around?

The Payroll system, Xero in this case, would be a better source of truth for TIL balance. You can manage it as a leave type in Deputy but it’s still better to have the balance of TIL come from Xero.

How do you capture shift changes to reflect in Rostered schedules?

The Schedule vs Timesheets vs Sales report should be the best report for you in this instance. Or you can look in the 'Scheduling' Tab, select a specific shift and view history for that particular shift.

If people are stressed we need to know so it can be managed?

Managing stress profiles is the best way to assist with this:

Will the recording of this video be sent to us?

Yes, we will send out the recording and the answers to the Q&A next week.

When our staff request for leave, it shows on Deputy but not on XERO, do you know why?

It gets exported into Xero as a leave timesheet when you export the all the timesheets in the pay run. For more details:

Where would I find the webinar on Business Insights please?

You can find the webinar here:

Will I get a recording for todays webinar?

Yes, we will send the recording of the webinar out in the coming days. You can also find all our past webinars here:

Is it possible to enter budgeted hours to compare to actual?

You can see the comparison in the Business Insights in the Scheduling tab. The overall summary will give you the budgeted hours Vs your actual hours. Check out our Business Insights webinar here:

My casual employee called in sick where can I enter the sick leave?

You can manage this in the timesheet tab and amend the timesheet to a sick leave or you can add this in their employee profile as a sick leave. Article for reference:

Adding a public holiday- where do I do that?

In the schedule. Select the day, click on the date at the top of the schedule and there’s a tick box for ‘Public Holiday’. For more details:

I have a question regarding the set pay rate as Xero Payroll. When we sync the pay rate with Xero Payroll, the employment type becomes Casual. When we edit the employment type to full-time, it doesn't sync anymore. Then we tried again to sync, but it became Casual again the employment type.

A few factors can impact this: are you making this change in Xero or Deputy? Once you make changes in Xero you will need to force sync this in Deputy using the People tab. If you are making changes in Deputy then unless you are overriding the rates in Xero then it will update both systems. You must choose one source of truth for your account, meaning changes should only be made on one system. Please contact our support team for further assistance.

Is there a way to hide roster costings to a 2IC for example using custom permissions?

You can set your employee as a 'Supervisor'. This will not show any costing, however it will also stop them from reviewing reports. For more details:

How do you access the webinar library?

All our past webinars can be found here:

Hi Admin.
Hope you can answer our query which is somehow not related to the training. When we have set up the account and sync the employee pay rate to Xero, full time becomes part time. We have contacted the support but they cannot answer and forward to someone which we haven't hear anything as of this writing.

If you want comprehensive pay interpretation in Deputy to export to payroll (such as Xero). I would recommend NOT syncing the pay rates and instead setting them up to be interpreted in Deputy and then exported into Xero for them to take that timesheet file as is and put it together for a Pay Run. We have a training webinar on it here:

Can we arrange the system to identify shifts done in Covid homes which is paid at a higher rate, does this need to be a seperate report?

You can create a specific area or a separate location to indicate this.

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