Issue Description:

In the Approve Timesheets screen, the location dropdown menu has 1 location selected, but timesheets for other locations are displayed.

On the left-hand side, one location is selected. In the timesheets, multiple locations are displayed.

Replication Steps:

  1. Log into Deputy via web browser

  2. Timesheets tab > Approve Timesheets

  3. In the location dropdown, select 1 location > select an employee

  4. Can see timesheets from other locations


This is intended system behavior and some reasons on why this is done are:

  1. To help managers see why an employee is missing a timesheet for a location

    1. Example 1: The manager expected to see a timesheet for Location 1, but the employee submitted a timesheet for Location 2

  2. To help managers see if an employee worked for a different location

    1. Example 2: An employee was assigned to Location 2 but is paid by Location 1 and the manager needs to be aware

  3. To help managers understand why an employee received overtime - they can see all hours worked across multiple locations

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