In November, we're releasing some exciting updates to Employee onboarding for our Australian customers which will assist you as we reopen and ramp-up to the busy summer season.

The new features will streamline your onboarding process, saving you valuable time, reducing compliance risks, and creating a more professional experience for new recruits.

  • turn existing forms into digital templates, such as a letter of offer or contracts, and capture digital signatures from your new hires

  • upload documents like employee handbooks

  • request documents from new hires

  • AND store everything securely in your employee's Deputy profile

Employee onboarding pricing

To allow Deputy to continue to invest, innovate and deliver a paperless onboarding experience, from 15 November 2021, there will be a one-off fee for each new hire that you onboard using the improved Deputy Employee Onboarding experience. As a special introductory offer, this charge will be $4.50 (inc. GST) per new employee you onboard, normally $15 (excl. GST).

We will continue to deliver even more great Employee Onboarding experiences next year, and from 1 July 2022, your investment will be $15 per (excl. GST) new employee onboarded to your business using Deputy. We will communicate this price change to all customers ahead of the new charge being introduced.

We're continuously working to build more features and improve the experience, tell us what you'd like to see added to our onboarding feature.

Frequently asked questions

When will the charges apply?

The charge only applies when you use the Employee Onboarding features to onboard new team members. For customers on:

  • a monthly plan - the onboarding costs will be charged at the end of the month along with your normal monthly plan invoice

  • an annual plan - the onboarding costs will be charged at the end of the month, similar to how any additional fees like additional users or SMS are charged

Is my monthly / annual plan price changing?

No, your monthly or annual plan price will not change

Why is there now a charge to onboard employees?

The enhancements we’ve made to the employee onboarding experience are dramatic, it's now an end-to-end onboarding solution that will save you a lot of time, and allow you to onboard new hires faster — the previous version assisted to collect basic employee details only.

Our team is constantly working to improve the onboarding experience and will have more improvements for release next year. Their aim is to give you, and your new team members, the best possible onboarding experience.

Will I still be able to access all previously submitted onboarding forms?

Yes, you will still be able to access all onboarding forms

If I have a team member already in Deputy (added before 15th Nov 2021) and I need to use the onboarding feature to collect employment information from that person, will I be charged a fee?

Yes, the onboarding charge will apply when you use the onboarding feature from 15th November 2021.

Can I add documents to previously onboarded employees?

No, but this is something we're working on next, plus lots more!

Can I continue to onboard my staff for free?

Unfortunately no, using the onboarding feature will incur a cost each you onboard a new hire.

Of course, you can still add new team members to Deputy using the “Add single person” option free of charge.

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