This training will be exploring general tips and shortcuts in navigating across a variety of aspects of the Deputy System. We'll be sharing quicks tips in managing and customising your business setting, adding training tags for multiple purposes and other technical workarounds. This training session is best suited for managers new to Deputy and/or experienced users looking to optimise their account practise in Deputy.

Due to the number of questions and demand, we created this Help guide containing the training recording and the live questions and answers.

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Q & A Topics

Location Settings

Employee Profile

Training Requirements

Pay rates and Awards

Leave and Public Holidays

Schedule and Timesheets


Location Settings

Can we change the settings on employees ability to change their clock in/out hours from the clock in tab?

In Location Settings, sub section timesheet you can edit this under Add and edit Timesheets.

How to change employee's options on clocking in from their phone devices and only use the clock in tab set up by the manager?

This is controlled in the location settings under Timesheets, under Clock in and out via mobile apps.

I'm wanting to add another business location. I need to change the area names. Can I do this when timesheets are open?

You can edit the areas names whilst having ongoing timesheets, you can edit the names in your Location Settings > Areas. You can also add a new location at any time.

Is there a limit on how many locations can be added to an employee?

You can attach multiple locations to a team member, however be mindful as the same access level will apply and this will mean they are visible on all schedules.

Employee Profile

Who will have access to custom stress profiles and training requirements? Can Deputy select only those who will have access? Has it been decided yet as to what module or feature VINZ will be using? (i.e. time-sheeting, leave, pay, training etc.)

Custom stress profiles can only be created by System Administrators via Business Setting. Supervisors and above will be able to attach and create training requirements. For more details on access levels, refer to this article
If you have or need custom access levels please contact our support team.

When onboarding a new employee onto Deputy there are a few options such as single employee, BETA etc. Would you mind confirming which is the correct one to select and why there are different options?

The options are different: when using the onboarding BETA you will be using our onboarding feature and requested for the new employee to complete HR forms. For more details: The other options are if you are adding one employee only (so not requesting for HR forms and just creating a Deputy account) or adding multiple team members in bulk.

What is stress profile?

Stress profiles are a great way to control fatigue and overtime for your team members. For more details

Regarding locations, if an employee only has one location under his profile, can he still share message to the Newsfeed for all locations?.

This depends on the access level your employee has. If they are a system administrator then yes. But if they're an Employee/Supervisor or Location Manager - they will only have access to communicate with the location that is set in their profile.

Are pay rates visible to the relevant Staff member on their profile?

This depends on the access level the employee has. If they are set as an employee then they will not be able to see their pay rates. For more details, refer to this article

Can you please allow the turning-off of the Preferred Name field? I have several people with the same first name, so when they set their Preferred Name to the same thing, I cannot tell who's who!

The 'Preferred Name' field is built-in feature on the platform. We suggest you ask your employees to add their last name in order to differentiate their profiles.

If the scheduling week is set up Thursday - Wednesday, can stress profiles be set up to limit how many hours are scheduled Monday - Friday?

Stress profiles will only impact your scheduling week (Thursday-Wednesday), you will not be able to set customised hours for specific days.

I’ve never set up rates of pay in Deputy, I do it all manually. Can you suggest the best help notes to start with?

There are benefits in adding your employee pay rates in Deputy like reporting and setting wage budgets etc. For more details refer to this article

Can you override the stress profile setting?

Yes, you can still override stress profiles. This will just be shown as a pop up warning sign on the schedule and marked "override" on the shift itself.

Training Requirements

How do you assign 'Training Attributes'?

You can add training requirements to your team members and areas. For more details, refer to this article:

How can employees upload covid certificate or any other certificates we may want copies of?
You can use Training requirements to add your employee's COVID certificate as we showed in this webinar. Your employee can send their certificate copy via Newsfeed to their manager and managers will need to add this to their profile as a training type. For more details:

How do i add a new training? At the moment I have 2 but I want to add another, can I do this?

Training requirements are usually just one specific training or qualification type unless you decide to combine the training. If you are adding a new training, you will need to first add it in the employee profile or add it to an area in the Location Setting in order for that training type to be visible.

With the training certificates upload - is this upload only available to managers etc or can an employee upload and attach their own?

Supervisors, Location Managers and System Administrators can only upload training requirements. Employee do not have access to this function.

Could you please show me how to add full time or casual status in the employee's info?

You will need to add this as a training requirement to each employee's profile. To do this: Select your employee > Edit profile > Job Information and add FT, PT or Casual Training to your employee's profile. For more details:

Can you upload RSA on deputy for staff?

Yes, you can use the training requirements in the employee profile to attach the RSA certificate and attach it to the respective team members.

Can we change the tab name "training" to reflect what it is used for e.g. covid vax certs?

You cannot change the field "Training", however you can use this field for multiple reasons, like attaching COVID certificates, qualifications, Drivers License etc.

Pay rates and Awards

What is per 'unit'?

Per unit refers to award components for allowances that aren’t dollar values but instead units eg. Kilometres for Travel allowance

When setting up Awards, why aren't rates included? There could be a default option? 1. Include rates (set at most update), or 2. Enter rates manually.

The ability to input ordinary rates for awards allows employers to type in rates that are negotiated or easily input an amount that indicates the level that person may be working at.

If you have an employee working at two locations (each location is a different company, sync to Xero), could we set different pay rates or conditions in Deputy?
Our client has a few employees that are casual in one location and permanent in another?

If you are using two separate accounts in Deputy for the two locations, this is easy as you will need to set up the employee profile separately. However, if its one account with two locations - soon we will have Area Based Pay which might achieve this but for now, this will have to be manually managed in the Payroll system/Timesheet edits.

If you have people working in two different locations with different pay rates, do you have to create two accounts for the employee?

You can do this, however it does mean your employee will need to use two different email addresses and clock in and out using the different accounts. At the moment you must manually manage the pay rates in timesheets if using an award. Soon we’ll have Area Based Pay that will possibly solve this for you to become more automatic.

When calculating pay against the Award rates, does it take into consideration shift minimums? For example, some of our shifts are 3 hours (as per our customer's request), but we should pay 4 under the award.

This depends on the award you are using. We suggest you look into our award library and see how Deputy interoperates the Award, for reference: If it's different you may need to adjust this manually in the timesheets.

Is there any article related to importing new award rates to deputy and exporting those to MYOB ?

You cannot import awards into Deputy. You will need to set up your employee's using Deputy's in built award interpretation and export timesheets into your MYOB account. If you cannot find your award - feel free to submit an award request here:

How do you set up pay rates and how do you connect to IPayroll?

To set up pay rates for your employees, please refer to this article and to connect your IPayroll refer to this article:

Leave and Public Holidays

Annual leave or any leave can I apply it without the team member applying and me approving?

A manager or system admin can head straight to ‘approve timesheets’ and create a leave timesheet on behalf of the employee and approve it.

Can we exclude the other store for public holiday?

Yes you sure can. Ensure you have selected the right location on the schedule. Once you set the area up, reach out to our support team and they can switch off the PH rate being invoked against that area in that location.

Is there an easier way to fill public holiday for the whole year?

Yes you can add the public holidays for the entire here. For more details:

When the public holiday shifts sync through to payroll, how do you get it to recognise the rates?

If the day is ticked as PH and you’re using an Award, the timesheet will apply the PH rate and export that to Payroll. Ensure your export code in the timesheet matches what you have set in your payroll.

What if they work part of the Public Holiday?

If the day is ticked as Public Holiday and the timesheet is approved using an award, it will apply the PH for that shift. Either schedule the shift in with the correct hours or amend the time when approving the timesheet.

Is there any good way to deal with TOIL in Deputy?

Yes, we have time off in lieu as a leave type in Deputy. Please go to your “Business settings” and chose “leave types” to find all your leave types including TOIL. Or you could create a location and turn on an integration in the location settings for TOIL to be accrued in only that location and then schedule staff members in there if they should accrue TOIL. Just be mindful though that by law the source of truth from a data perspective should always be the payroll software, NOT Deputy!

Is there an easy way to view leave balances and split a leave request pending approval if the balance isn't available? Eg: Employee requests 6hrs sick leave and they have 2hrs available so the rest is paid as annual leave or unpaid leave.

You can edit the leave request in the employee profile, when the employee has sent the request. You need to untick the 'All Day' in the request and allocate specific times that equal to the employee's leave balance, then approve the leave.

Schedule and Timesheets

Can you sort employees into FOH/Kitchen?Admin? So when rostering staff for FOH only those employees show up.

Yes, you can add preferred employees to your areas to achieve this. This is done in the Scheduling or Location tab and editing your areas. Or you can add trainings like FOH/Kitchen/Admin as tags and filter in the scheduling tab as shown in this webinar.

How to cater for employees working at different locations either on the same day or on different days?

You will need to make sure the employees are attached to both locations. Then create the shifts per location for that person EG. 3 hours at location A and 3 hours at location B. This will allow the employee to clock in and out of their shifts and have two timesheets recorded.

What is the weather icon and how do you get it?

Days of the week in the roster will query what the weather will be like based on the location to give people a heads up on anything they should consider (shift outdoors so bring an umbrella). This is standard for all Deputy Premium accounts.

Can we outline on schedule the amount of wages that a person would cost per shift at all time?

The list on employees on the left will show the total hours and wages costs under their name when viewing the schedule. Or you can look into the actual shift and the shift cost for that employee is mentioned on the left side. Location Manager and System Administrators will only be able to see this.

What does borrowed mean?

Borrowed is when an employee is scheduled in an area within a location that they are not attached too, meaning the location is not added to their employee profile. Your rostering manager may have visibility across different locations therefore they would've been able to schedule the employee. This would create two timesheets in the both location but only one timesheet will be exported. Make sure your Unique code in the Location Setting is clear to you as this is what indicated which location the employee worked at and within which area. For more details, refer to this article:

When scheduling, why is a shift flashing with broken lines around it?

You would have accidentally copied a shift and the system thinks you will paste it elsewhere. Press 'Esc' on your keyboard.

How do you roster people who work random hours eg work 25-30hrs per week but the hours can be worked at the employee’s own preferred timetable being fluid?

You can enable Adhoc timesheets in Location Setting under sub section timesheets. The employee will simply clock in and out, however be mindful that some awards may trigger penalty rates as it's an 'unschedule shift'. Or you can create multiple open shifts for employees to pick up.

If we have multiple (x3) locations and are in the "Schedule" tab can we filter to see x2 out of 3 locations on the screen at the same time? This helps to see in a snap shot when you are managing multiple locations but not all of them.

Unfortunately you can only view by 1 location or all locations (if you’re a system administrator). If you’re a supervisor or location manager, you’ll only see the locations you’re assigned to. There’s currently no way to select a few of the locations to be visible on the 1 screen but it’s a great feature suggestion! If your areas have the same name in all locations, you can filter out to view only those areas, this way you can view all three locations with those areas.

Are you able to hold staff meetings via Deputy?

You can schedule staff meetings in the roster but there’s no virtual conferencing built into Deputy.

Is there a way I can easily stand down team members for 14 days after a shift.

Unfortunately not, you have to manually archive and reinstate them during that 14 day block.

Can a custom question be asked on a timesheet for specific people/area?

Custom questions can be assigned to locations and/or areas.

Can we ask custom questions at the start of the shift rather than on the timesheet submission?

Yes, you can choose to ask questions at the start of shift or end of a shift or both. This is under "Display Timing" in Shift Questions.


Can we upload checklists on Deputy?

The type of data you can bulk import into a Deputy account is limited to People, Locations, Area, Leave, Sales, Schedule, Timesheet, Training as seen in here
Checklists will have to be created through the interface on your Deputy account

Can we add check lists to Deputy?

Yes, you can use the Tasks section of your account.

Can Deputy connect to Greentree?

Unfortunately there’s no Greentree integration yet but we do integrate with other MYOB products such as Account Right Live. For more details:

Can we add a task or check list to a location whenever it is scheduled?

In tasks, you can assign groups for these check lists which will achieve this

Are there ways of making NDIS invoice ready on deputy and send the invoices?

Unfortunately we don’t have any on-costing reports out of the box for Deputy Premium.

Where can I find this webinar recording?

We will email you the recording of this training session and a link to the Q&A page. You can find all our past webinars here:

Is it possible to have a 1:1 call with a deputy trainer? even if it's paid?

Thank you for your interest in training sessions. We have passed your feedback to our management team.

Regarding the checklist, it is a link, we have a separate form for it. Can a link be added and will it direct them to the form containing the checklist?

Unfortunately not at the moment. You can set a recurring task to a group of employees in an area or use the Newsfeed to communicate this.

Is there any auto approval of timesheet if the employee clock in/out is within 5 minutes of their rostered time?

You can activate a notification in the Location Setting called Scheduled Shift > Auto Start and Finish. This will automate the clock in and out of the timesheet if the employee is scheduled. Timesheet approval will need to be done by a manager. You can choose to "Bulk Approve" timesheets if there is a clock in and out time recorded.

Can we upload a photo in each location after doing the job in a certain location?

You can only use the Newsfeed or training requirement to attach a file. In this case, we suggest you use the Newsfeed and send it to the manager.

If you use another app such as happy hr which links with deputy does the staff member always get set to a default location?

When adding employees to your Deputy account, you will always need to assign them to a Location first. This will need to be selected by you when importing employees.

We are having difficulty integrating Deputy to MYOB Account Right?

This is account specific. Please contact our 24/7 support chat and our team will be able to assist you further.

We have 3 directors/administrators, that need access but won't ever be rostered on, do we still have to pay for their users if not using the payroll functions?

Yes, you will need to add them as a user in Deputy in order to have access to the platform. You can create one profile and ask them to use only that one account to log in.

How can I connect a point of sale integration and what benefits does it have?

You can check out our integration page here. By connecting your POS software you can bring actual sales data to Deputy and use our Schedule Vs Timesheet Vs Sales report and simply allows you to costs and sales units in consideration when you are scheduling.

Can I add a task to a scheduled shift?

You will only be able to assign tasks to team members. You can use the notes section in the shift to record any tasks or reminders.

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