Issue Description:

When selecting the Help menu dropdown, you notice Support Access is not available.

'Help' dropdown does not show 'Support Access' option

Replication Steps:

  1. Log in to Deputy via web browser

  2. Select Help > Support Access is not available


  • If the user has Employee or Supervisor access: This is intended system behavior

  • If the user has Location Manager or System Administrator access: A setting needs to be turned on and steps are below.


  1. Log in to Deputy via web browser

  2. Select your name > Select Business Settings

Select your name in the upper right-hand corner to open a dropdown menu. The select 'Business settings' which is underneath 'Billing'.

3. Under the General tab, look for Enable support chat for the account and click the toggle to turn ON > Select Apply Changes

Locate 'Enable support chat for the account' which is toward the bottom of the screen. Then select the toggle to the right of this text to turn 'ON'. Then navigate to the lower right-hand corner to select the 'Apply Changes' button.
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