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Setting up Leave for Vaccination

Many industries and businesses are now requiring their team members to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to be able to come to work. Deputy enables you to set up vaccination leave for your team members so they can schedule their vaccination at a mutually suitable time.

Read more about Setting up your team's vaccination leave.

Touchless Clock in IOS/Android

Use the Touchless Clock In feature to enable your employees to clock in and out of work, as well as start and end breaks without touching the device.

This touchless solution to track time and attendance will help your businesses alleviate some of the stress around quickly adapting to new health and safety procedures as well as provide a faster clock in and out experience for employees.

Read more about Touchless Clock In with Android and Touchless Clock In with iOS

Video for News Feed

Use our Video for Newsfeed feature to communicate to your team when it's difficult to hold in-person meetings with large groups of people.

A regular video new post is a fast and fun way of communicating procedural changes required to comply with ever-changing COVID regulations.

You even have the option to require a confirmation from your team members that they have seen the message.

Read more about Video for News Feed

Contact tracing

Location Managers and System Administrators are able to run a contact tracing report on the Deputy web application. This report helps trace which team members your unwell team member has potentially been in contact with during their shift and swiftly get in touch with these team members.

Read more on running a contact tracing report.

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