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***If you have connected BambooHR in the old way, you will need to disconnect it first before using this new experience. Click here to learn how.***

Connecting the BambooHR integration

Go to the People tab where you'll find an option to Add People > Import via Integration (BETA)

From here, you can select BambooHR where we will prompt you for your BambooHR subdomain, username and password to authorize the integration.

Pro Tip: To edit your BambooHR set up, come back to this same place.

Setting up the integration step-by-step

After you've successfully connected the integration, you'll be taken through step-by-step to set up the integration.

Import and sync employees into Deputy

Pro Tip: Individually mapping your BambooHR locations, departments or divisions will control which employees get added to which location from BambooHR.

Importing leave balances to Deputy, exporting leave requests to BambooHR

Pro Tip: If BambooHR time off is measured in hours or days, corresponding Leave Rules in Deputy need to be set to the same unit.

What data syncs between Deputy and BambooHR?

Employee fields

BambooHR field




First name

First name

Last name

Last name


Preferred name

Joins first name and last name

Personal / Work email

Email address

Employees get matched based on personal email and then email as the fallback

Mobile Phone


Birth date

Date of birth

Address 1






Hire date

Hired on

Bamboo ID

Payroll ID

Internal ID of Bamboo user (found in employee BambooHR URL)

Emergency - name

Emergency contact name

Emergency - mobile

Emergency contact number

Job - Location/Division/Department


Depends on what you have chosen during BambooHR setup

Leave / Time off

Deputy leave request


BambooHR Time Off Request


Approved Time Off request created


Declines and archives Time Off request


Approved Time Off request created, old request superseded


Employee time off balances

Editing your integration setup

You can edit the setup of your integration in two ways:

  • Head to Integrations under "Hello, John" in the top right > Integrations

  • Or, you can head back to the People tab and to Add People > Import via Integration

Accruing leave based on hours worked

For customers who have employees that accrue leave based on the hours worked, you can Export Timesheets to BambooHR for this purpose.


  • Employees in BambooHR must be assigned a leave policy that accrues based on "Per hour worked"

  • Payroll ID of the employees in Deputy must be the same as their BambooHR ID (read more)


  1. Go to Export Timesheets

  2. Select the timesheets and employees you want to export

  3. Press Group by Pay Rate

  4. Set the Export Codes of all the pay rates to be "REG" and press Save

  5. Press Export Selected Items

  6. Find BambooHR Payroll Export from the dropdown

  7. Press Export

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit my BambooHR integration settings?

Go back to Import via integration (BETA) on the People tab to do this. You will see it the button Edit.

Can I only import or sync groups of employees?

Not at the moment, this feature will be released soon.

Can I sync employee pay rates?

Not at the moment.

What if I have existing employees in Deputy already? How will Deputy link them?

The integration links employees between both systems using the employee's email address.

How do I assign multiple locations from BambooHR?

There is no way to assign multiple locations to an employee in BambooHR. You will have to assign them in Deputy once they get imported.

I get an error when exporting timesheets for Employee does not exist in BambooHR Employee Records?

Ensure that the employee's Payroll ID on their Deputy profile is set to the BambooHR ID. The BambooHR is found in the URL when you are on the employee's profile in BambooHR.

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