We really believe Smart Scheduling helps Deputy customers make informed business decisions and provides accurate data-driven insights. That's why we are committed to regular improvements and updates in this area.

If you are already using the various features of Smart Scheduling in Deputy and just want a summary of the latest changes and a sneak peek of what's coming soon then be sure to keep an eye on this page.

March 2022

The new Sales per hour metric has been introduced into the Business Insights Summary to help make better data-driven decisions to achieve the best sales performance.

Managers can monitor this key business goal metric day by day, week by week or month by month and can also choose either one or both of the Labor % and Sales per hour as their business goal metrics by toggling the settings within Business Insights Summary.

Learn more about Sales per hour in Business Insights Dashboard.

January 2022

We've reinvented our Stats Panel on the Schedule page to allow users to choose how information is displayed.

In addition to the current Graph View you can now choose to view key business metrics in a clear Table View format.

Graph View Stats Panel

Mouse over the graph to see metric values.

Graph view

Table View Stats Panel

You can select the data you want to be displayed in the table providing a simpler option to get the stats you need to make smart scheduling decisions.

Read Using The Stats Panel For Smarter Scheduling for more information on the new Stats Panel Table View.

November 2021 Update

We improved Labor Modelling to include Fixed Task Demand Planning.

If you know that your organisation needs a specific and planned task completed regularly and you know how many hours of work this task will require you can now configure your settings in labor modelling to add tasks and plan for this labor demand.

To read more about fixed task demand planning within smart scheduling read Labor Modelling.

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