This training will be covering how to communicate effectively with your team using the Newsfeed tab, creating and assigning tasks, setting up your location and areas, adding your employees and connecting your payroll software. This training session is best suited for managers new to Deputy and/or experienced users looking to optimise their account set up in Deputy.

Due to the number of questions and demand, we created this Help guide containing the training recording and the live questions and answers.

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Q & A Topics

Location & Areas

Newsfeed & Tasks

Employee Profile





Locations & Areas

With our business (disability support services), what do we need to use as a location? Is it the address of our clients?

This depends on who you want to assign to that location and be responsible in scheduling and approving your timesheets and where you want to schedule your employees to work and the setting you want to apply to that location. We do have accounts that set up their client homes as their locations and job roles as areas.

What's the best way to set up locations/areas for our work from home situation?

This depends on who you want to assign to that location and be responsible in scheduling and approving your timesheets and where you want to schedule your employees to work and the setting you want to apply to that location.

Is the unique code the same as the area name?

No, the unique code is the short version of the LOCATION name. The area name is the name of the area.

Can you add preferred employees to more than one area?

Yes you can. You can add preferred employees to your different areas.

Can you have a training requirement specific to one location? or is this by area?

You can add training requirements to an area only.

Which timesheet setting option should we leave on if we only use the kiosk to clock in / out?

You will need to switch off web browser and mobile device and simply just set up your kiosk for that location. Please refer to this article

I have auto rounding enabled but it doesn't do it, the only time it happens is if the manager does it. Is this a known issue?

No, there is no known issue with auto rounding currently. Make sure the rounding settings are set up correctly as well, meaning HOW we should auto round for you. Please reach out to our 24/7 support for account specific help.

When rounding timesheets to Scheduled Start and/or Finish time does the system store the actual time logged on and off by the employee?

Yes, you can get this data in the timesheet history in 'Approved Timesheets'.

When initially setting up an employee and assigning multiple locations to them they can access and allocate hours in those locations. But if I create the employee with one location and then they need another location added, I go into to the employee profile, add an additional location, then save the employee's file and when the employee logs into Deputy they can't access the new location. Why is that?

This should not be the case and it also depends on which access level this employee is set up with and also your location settings. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for account specific assistance.

Newsfeed & Tasks

Can you export a list of people out of Deputy who have not confirmed a news feed post, so you can work out who to contact to confirm it?

Unfortunately you will not be able to export this list. But once you switched on “required confirmation” you will be able to see the break down of the employees that have acknowledged your post or not.

What if staff ignore posts, how will you know who has responded or not, can you have reports? Can you ensure that the post pops up and must be read and confirmed when they log in otherwise they'll not be able to do anything else until they do so?

If you’re asking all readers of the post for confirmation you can always see in the actual post who confirmed that they read the post and who doesn’t. Then you can chase up the ones that haven’t confirmed.

Is there a way unconfirmed employees for a post can be notified to confirm our post?

You can just message them in Deputy and tell them to read and confirm the post.

Is there a way we can remind all employee in one click or we have to send message to each of them separately?

You can send a group message to all of the employees that haven’t confirmed in one go. Just create a newsfeed post and attach all the employees that haven’t confirmed to it and then send it in one go.

I currently have a 'daily checklist' for all shifts to be completed which is done manually on a sheet of paper. Can this be imported into Deputy and assigned as a task to a specific team member?

You can create a template and set this to be sent out daily to your employees. We will be going through this shortly in the webinar. For more detail refer to this article

Is the task function available on the phone app?

Yes you can create and assign tasks using the smartphone apps.

Regarding Tasks - Where do the results of the ticks off the task tabs go? Does it generate into a report? What happens if they don't tick off a task from the task list?

Unfortunately not at the moment, please use our product feedback form under "Help" in the top right corner to provide this feedback to our product team. You can review and manage tasks on the platform itself by ticking the task as completed. If they do not tick the box, it will remain as “Uncompleted” status.

Employee Profile

Why when I assign 2 locations to an employee can they only view 1 location assigned to them?

The employee will be able to see both locations that they are assigned to.

How do you add the HR forms in Deputy?

At the moment you can use the forms that are available in the HR forms when onboarding employees.These forms can only be synced over to Xero payroll software only. Our product team are working on enhancing this feature.

We have part-time employees who work an 8 hour day and full-time employees who are paid 7.6 hours per day because they receive an RDO once a month how do I set-up for the 2 different type of employees

I’m not entirely sure what you mean in this case with “set up”. You could just roster them for 8 hrs and the others for 7.6 hrs and then roster the RDO once a month.

How do I add employee who is only required to download/export timesheets, i.e. who is responsible for payroll processing?

You can add a single employee via the People Tab. You will need to set up access levels and attach locations as you normally would.

Can we create our own award template?

Unfortunately not at the moment, but you can use any of our award interpretation in our library. Feel free to request your award interpretation here:

In regards to the stress profile, is there a way to include shifts on the schedule that are recognised as a passive shift instead of an active paid shift so we're able to set an active hour limit that would not include the passive hours?

I’m not really sure what you mean with “Passive shifts”. You could create a specific area for this if you want, to separate it from the other regular areas or you could set up an employee called “Passive shift” and attach that employees to those shifts. We would need more context to give you a good answer for this one. Please reach out to our 24/7 support for account specific assistance.

Can you create custom stress profiles?

Yes, you can create a new custom stress profile under the business settings. System administrators will only be able to do this.

I cannot see the payroll option within the employee card details. Does this mean i have the incorrect permissions as an administrator?

Most likely. You might be set up as a Supervisor. Please ask your system admin to give you the right access level.

How do you export the onboarding forms to a PDF file with their electronic signature (e.g. TFN Declaration, employee details, Super Choice Form) and are they compliant for ATO filing purposes?

If you integrate with Xero, you can sync all the HR forms with Xero and then Xero will file it with the ATO. If you’re not using Xero you can also export the TFN declaration form into a PDF file and then print this out, have it signed by the employee (currently this can't be done via electronic signature but our product team is working on that) and then create a copy and file it with the ATO.


With regards to the confirming shifts by team members - is there a way to have this function rewired? Sometimes I have last minute changes to my roster which requires me to upload and publish shifts within a few hours.

Rewired? If you have a last minute change to the roster you can use the “find replacement” function in the individual shifts and if you have the setting for confirming shifts turned on the location settings it will ask them, even if it’s within a few hours.

Can you create shift templates in Deputy?

Yes you can create a task template within Deputy itself. There are a few examples available for you to use. You can edit the templates accordingly.

With regards to the confirming shifts by team members, is there a way to have this function rewired? Sometimes I have last minute changes to my roster, which requires me to upload and publish shifts within a few hours. Then the system automatically turns the shifts into OPEN shifts, so others can take those shifts which can be tricky as my business requires certain trained people to do specific shifts and I don't want others to replace themselves with these shifts. It can get tricky at times, to have to do my roster at least 5-7 days prior to ensure shifts remain in the confirmation required status ...

You can set training requirements for specific areas so only the employees with those training requirements can work in those areas. Then we would recommend to use the “Find replacement” function in the individual shift/s to choose an employee last minute so you don’t have the wrong people grab the shift without the necessary training.

I have a full-time employee who works 8 hours but is only paid 7.6 hours (as they receive RDO), how do I set this up?

You can schedule them for 7.6 hrs per day and then roster the RDO once a month or however often it needs to be rostered.

How do we add a public holiday date so that it appears on all employee schedules?

You will need to add this in the schedule tab. Click on the arrow on the date range and tick 'Public Holiday'.

I can’t roster my employee for 7.6 hours, they employee works 8 hours but is only paid 7.6 hours. How can I do this?

You can create a shift for 7.6 hrs. in the normal area (where they actually work) and also create a 0.4 hrs shift as an RDO for every day.


When you export an employee list from the reports section, can you filter by position as this is not included in the list of options?

This depends on what you mean by “Position”. If you set up your areas as job positions then yes but we need to see your account set up to answer this question properly. Please reach out to our 24/7 support for further help.

People once they are archived from the Deputy. While exporting the training details we can still see archived people details. Is there any way we can filter the details before the export happens?

When exporting a report you can add a filter to the report. By adding “Employed” to the report change then setting a filter to equal to “Yes” - will exclude archived employees. This eliminates anyone that is not an active employee.

Regarding the Schedule vs. Timesheet vs. Sales report. When we cancel a shift and add a comment - those shift details are not reflected in the Schedule vs. Timesheet vs. Sales report. Can you explain why?

Yes, the reason for this is that a cancelled shift (in the schedule) basically doesn’t create any data, therefore we can’t run any reports against it.


Do leave requests integrate with XERO payroll?

A leave request is submitted in Deputy and then once the leave was taken, the leave timesheet will export to Xero. The timesheets then update the leave balance in Xero which can be synced with Deputy via the location settings.

Can we import people from the latest version of MYOB Essentials?

Not directly. You would have to export the people from MYOB Essentials into a CSV file and then do an employee upload from that CSV file.

Can you please clarify where we should be making changes to employee details - in Deputy or in Xero?

This depends on your setup and if you’re using our employee Onboarding and if you have “Auto-sync Employees” turned on etc. It’s very account specific so please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for account specific questions.

Can you have two different deputy business accounts importing into the one MYOB account right account?

Yes you can, remember to connect both payroll softwares when setting up your Deputy accounts.

How many times can I import payroll data to Xero as last pay run displayed zero balances when and I had to calculate manually on Xero?

As long as you haven’t done the pay run and have reset the timesheet in Xero to a “draft” you can do this as many times as you need.

When timesheets are exported using Aussiepay format, locations for employees are all displayed as Empty, why is this happening?

This is an account specific question. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance.

Are the step by step instructions on how to import timesheets in MYOB Account Right, not on cloud.

Yes, here is a list of articles related to exporting into MYOB -


Will a recording of this session be available after today?

Yes, we will send the recording of the webinar out in the coming days. You can also find all our past webinars here:

What happens to existing users if we change our current unique URL (subdomain) to the parent business? Will they be redirected to the new URL?

Yes, the individual users will not notice any change.

Does an account get charged for locations and employees that have been archived?

No, we only charge for current employees, not archived employees and also not for locations. You can set up as many locations as you want without any extra charge.

Do you have a map system set up for clients addresses for a cleaning company so our staff can find the house?

You can set up the clients as locations and put the address in or even turn on area addresses and add the address in there. However, we’re not a mapping software, we would recommend to use Google maps or Apple maps for your staff members to find the address.

Can I have reoccurring visits and set permanent staff to those reoccurring visits?

There is too little context and knowledge about your account to answer this question. Please reach out to our 24/7 support to help you with this. Thank you.

When using preferred employees, will staff see that they are preferred?

No, this will only be visible to supervisors and above. Those responsible for scheduling.

Is there an additional charge to notify employees of a removal of a shift with email & smartphone push notification?

No, we only have additional charges if you use the SMS notifications as well.

Does that mean the 'smart phone notifications' is a SMS? As on that tab it doesn't have another option, just the one option being email and smartphone push notification?

No, it works like that. If your employee has the app downloaded AND push notifications turned on, we’ll send a push notification. If either of those are not the case we send an email. And the other options (the first 2) we’ll do the exact same AND send a SMS as well (with a charge).

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