As a manager, it’s your responsibility to motivate your staff. Motivated staff can be the difference between meeting your bottom line or closing up shop. When you’re supporting your team and encouraging them to grow, you’re creating a workplace where everyone feels recognized, welcomed, and most importantly, happy.

To help, you can now easily measure Shift Engagement. A simple, one-step way for your team to share how they’re feeling after every shift. And an effective way for managers to create a thriving workplace based on their team’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the ‘Shift Engagement’ feature?

Shift Engagement enables staff who are clocking out of their shift to rate their shift across an emotions index (Excited, Happy, Okay, Frustrated, Stressed) along with an optional comment. The rating is only offered on mobile clock-out as of this first release. The rating is anonymous and Managers and Supervisors can access a dashboard to see the responses.

Why an ‘emotions index’ rating system?

We explored many variations of responses like thumbs up/down, 1-5 numerical rating, and other words but ultimately choose to lead with emotions as responses, as defined by clinical psychology research.

From this research, emotions are defined as “ individuals deal with matters or situations they find personally significant.

Emotional experiences have three components:

  1. a subjective experience

  2. a physiological response and

  3. 3 a behavioral or expressive response.”

By allowing staff to categorize their emotional expression of their shift, we have enabled them to convey their subjective experience and get ahead of their expressive response, which gone unnoticed and addressed, can result in poor performance at work, tardiness/absenteeism, and/or surprise and/or mass voluntary resignations.

For dashboard and reporting purposes, Deputy has applied a 1-5 rating of each response such that we can numerically average the responses.

Why should I use Shift Engagement?

If your business wants to truly capture candid feedback from all staff members AND use that data to create action plans to improve workplace sentiment and engagement, this feature is for you. Getting candid feedback is valuable, but also can be tough to hear, even for experienced managers.

What does it mean for this feature to be a Beta offering?

This feature is entering its Beta phase, which means we would love to get some more feedback before making this available for general release. Customers can also expect small bugs and user Interface issues that need to be addressed in a follow-up release.

If you are keen to try it out with your team, simply register your interest 👉here 👈

If I have suggestions for improving Shift Engagement, how can I let the Deputy product team know?

When logged into Deputy, click the ‘Help’ icon in the upper right menu banner. Then click ‘Give us Feedback’ and proceed to submit bugs, feedback, and any other suggestions.

What Deputy subscription plans is Shift Engagement available for?

Shift Engagement is available for Premium customers only.

Does Shift Engagement cost extra?

At this time, there are no plans to charge for the current release of Shift Engagement. Deputy may enhance this feature where to justify continuing to invest in this module, there could be a version of Shift Engagement or enhanced features that we reserve the ability to charge for.

How do I turn on Shift Engagement?

As a System Administrator and Location Manager, you have access to Business Settings. When logged into the web, click your name in the upper right corner → ‘Business Settings’ Timesheets → Turn ON Shift Engagement → Apply Changes. This is a Global Setting. If you turn this feature on, the Shift Engagement question will be applied to all Out punches.

What happens when I turn on Shift Engagement?

  • All OUT punches conducted on the Deputy mobile app will receive the Shift Engagement question

  • Managers and Supervisors will have access to the Shift Engagement dashboard/reporting

How can I be sure the Shift Engagement responses are anonymous?

To truly make this data anonymous, Deputy separated the Shift Engagement question from the actual timesheet. When capturing the response, Deputy does not store the Employee ID or name of the staff member so not even Deputy can triangulate the response to an individual.

What reporting is available and which Access Levels is it available to?

A simple dashboard is available to System Admins, Location Managers, and Supervisors OR, anyone who has the Reporting capability turned on if Custom Access Levels are used.

The Web report/dashboard shows:

  1. Shift Engagement average for the selected week

  2. Comments for the selected week by emotion category

  3. A trend of average engagement rating for the trailing 8 weeks

  4. Ability to sort comments for the selected week by emotion category

The Mobile dashboard shows:

  1. Average Shift Engagement score for the trailing 7 days

  2. Comments for the trailing 7 days

How should I communicate this program to my managers and staff?

Feel free to use this Help Article intended for businesses to share directly with your staff.

Are APIs available to access the raw engagement data?

Yes, we plan to publish these APIs soon. If you have an immediate need please reach out to support.

I tried Shift Engagement, but need to turn it off. How do I do this and what happens?

Shift Engagement can be turned off in the place that it was turned on (Business Settings). Once you turn this feature off, engagement collection immediately stops and the mobile dashboard reporting is no longer available.

However, dashboard reporting on the mobile application will still be viewable to Location Manager and Supervisors. If you turn the feature back on, the historical data will be visible again.

Is Shift Engagement available for Deputy Kiosk & Time Clock Kiosk?

No, at this time, only clock outs on the mobile devices (both Android and iOs) are supported.

As a Location Manager and Supervisors, which Locations will I have access to view the web and mobile report data?

The data is available only to the User's assigned Locations.

When my team member is completing the Shift Sentiment question, are they on/off the clock?

The clock out is completed and then the Shift Sentiment question is asked so the team member is off-the-clock when completing this question. It is important when you roll this out to make sure your team members understand this and that the completion of the question is optional.

Is the Shift Engagement required for every clock out?

No, a team member can 'flick' the pop-up modal or simply ignore the question and navigate to another part of the Deputy app or close the app.

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