This article is for managers with an access level of Supervisor or higher and covers the scenario for adjusting timesheets and leave where an employee may have started a shift but needs to go home sick.

We will cover the steps:

Journalling the employee going home sick

The employee has clocked on for their shift at the normal time but after some time lets their manager know that they are feeling sick and need to go home.

The manager would add a new journal entry in that employee's profile to indicate what time they went home sick.

The manager can indicate what time the employee went home and it will be saved as a record with the manager's name as well as the date and time they made the journal entry.

Adjusting the Timesheet for actual time worked

When we review the timesheet for the employee for that shift, we can see the journal entry at the bottom of the screen.

To account for the sick leave we first need to adjust the original timesheet to show true time worked.

We change the shift finish time from 5:00PM to 10:30AM (the time the employee went home) and remove the break time from the timesheet.

Click Approve & Next

The timesheet is now approved for 1.5 hours and a warning icon tells us the original schedule hours.

The history tab on this timesheet also shows all of the historical actions on this timesheet.

Creating a New Timesheet to account for the Sick Leave taken

Select the employee that went home sick and click on Add Time Sheet.

Add the date of the shift and click Add Time Sheet.

Select the drop-down menu for Areas of Work and scroll down past the Areas in your organisation until you reach a list of the leave types available and select Sick (Personal/Carer's) Leave.

Adjust the time of the shift you are allocating to Sick Leave including the usual break then click on Approve & Next.

You can both of the timesheets are now approved and show the 1.5 hours the employee worked and the 6 hours of Sick Leave.

The icon next to the Sick Leave timesheet indicates it's an unscheduled shift.

For more information on setting up leave please read Leave Management and be sure to check out our Leave Management Training Webinar or contact our 24/7 support for assistance.

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