The ability to see and approve leave requests is restricted to the managers of the employee, including any direct supervisors, location managers and system administrators.

Being aware of what leave has been requested, as well as what’s been approved is important when it comes to managing leave efficiently. Deputy helps you see pending and approved leave requests, notifies you of requests, and shows leave requests in employee profiles.

For more information on setting up Leave in Deputy please read Leave Management and then also Approve and Decline Leave Requests.

This article will cover:

Where to see pending and approved leave requests

Me Dashboard

In your Me Dashboard, you can see anyone who’s currently on leave listed under What’s happening?

Awaiting requests will be listed under Needs Approval.

These lists can be expanded and collapsed using the arrows to customise your Dashboard view.


When you view your schedule by 'Employee View', approved leave will appear in each day of the roster as a solid red box. Leave still awaiting approval will appear as a dotted red box as highlighted in the example below.

If you click on the red outlined box, you will be taken directly to the leave request in the employee's profile.

Depending on the permissions for your role, you may not be able to schedule someone for a date on which they have approved leave.


In the Reports tab, you can use the Time Off & Schedules report to see leave requests.

In this report you can see an overview of all team members that can be filtered by location, date and employee type. The report shows:

  • Pending leave request - light red

  • Approved Leave - dark red

  • Unavailable employees - yellow

  • Scheduled employees- light blue

Any leave awaiting approval is always listed on the right, regardless of the date range filter at the top.

More information on Reports.

Notifications for new leave requests

When requesting leave, employees choose a manager (or managers) to approve their request. This can be anyone directly above them in the reporting hierarchy, including supervisors.

You are able to limit the types of leave certain employees can see when submitting leave requests in both our Premium and Enterprise account types.

The nominated manager will then be notified of the leave request in three ways:


The nominated approving manager will receive an email from Deputy detailing the request, with a button to view it on Deputy.

Push notification on mobile

If notifications are allowed for Deputy, the approving manager will receive a push notification on devices with the Deputy app installed. Tapping on the push notification will take you to the leave request in the Deputy mobile app.

Notification in Deputy toolbar

On the web, the Bell icon in the Deputy toolbar will display a red badge totalling any new notifications. Clicking on these leave notifications will take you to the leave request,

Viewing leave in an employee profile

If you know that an employee has submitted a leave request for approval, but they didn’t choose to notify you, you can still approve it by finding it in their profile, in the People tab.

Click on their name.

Select Leave on the left-hand side menu and click on View for the leave awaiting approval.

You can approve or decline leave here (if you decline you must add a comment).

The History tab at the top of each leave request lets you audit all actions taken on that request.

For more information on setting up Leave in Deputy please read Leave Management and then also Approve and Decline Leave Requests.

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