This article is written for System Administrators or Location Managers who may need to add and schedule team members on Deputy that do not have an email address or phone number.

It is possible to add an employee to Deputy without entering their email address however Deputy uses a team member's email address to invite them to join your organisation on Deputy, notify them of shifts, shift changes and news posts.

My team member does not have an email address

When adding team members, it is not strictly necessary to enter their email addresses and phone numbers, however without at least an email address your employees will not be able to create an account with your organisation, meaning that they will not be able to log in via or use the mobile app.

For this reason, we recommend that your employees have an email address attached to their account.

One workaround for if your employee does not have an email address is you can create an alias email address for them in Gmail. This is achieved by adding a "+" symbol and some letters or numbers after your email address. For example, if your email address was, you could create, or You may use whatever you like, as long as it is unique.

All emails sent to an alias will be redirected to the original inbox, meaning that you will not be able to send your employees their shifts via email. However, this means that if you attach an alias email address when you add an employee, the invitation email will be redirected to you, meaning that you can create accounts for your employees and set their passwords. You may then pass those details to the relevant staff members, allowing them access to Deputy. As an added benefit, this also allows your employees to download and use the app with the alias.

My team member does not have a mobile phone number

If your employees do not have a mobile phone number, they can still be added to Deputy but you cannot use any SMS functions (Kiosk PIN retrieval, shift confirmation, shift publishing).

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