This article is written for managers who would like to apply settings in Deputy that allow them to be notified when team members use the Deputy mobile apps on their phone to clock in, clock out, start or end breaks in locations other than the location they are scheduled to work.

Before we begin, ensure you are logged into Deputy as a System Administrator.

This article will cover:

Setting Up an Alert for Clocking Far Away From Location

To set up an alert to let you know when team members have clocked on or off from their shift or break too far from their scheduled shift location:

1. Click on Integrations in the drop-down menu under your name.

3. Select Deputy Extensions and tap on Continue.

4. Click on Configure for the Location you would like to configure the alerts for.

5. In the search bar type "Clocking Far Away from Location" and click Activate to configure the settings.

6. Enter the distance away from the work location that you will allow team members to clock on. You can also turn on or off the following options:

  • Exclude applying this rule to clocking in and out via Kiosk Timesheets

  • Apply the rule to all locations in your organisation (if you leave this OFF it will only apply to the location you selected in Step 4)

7. Click on Save when you are finished setting up the rule.

To change the parameters of this rule later or disable it just click on Edit, make the required changes and click on Save.

Protip: If you have work areas within your organisation that have a different physical address to your main location you can still use the 'Clocking Far Away from Location' alerts when using Site Scheduling.

Receiving Clocking Far Away Notifications

As a manager, you will receive push alerts on your mobile device or notifications via web app when team members at your location clock in far away from their scheduled shift.

An example of the push notification on a manager's mobile device:

An example of a web app notification, displayed under the bell icon.

Clocking Far Away Warnings on Timesheets

If a team member has clocked on or off away from the scheduled work location you will see an alert on the corresponding timesheet.

In the timesheet below you can see the triangular warning icon next to Tuesday's timesheet. When you click on it to select it you can see the warning "has geocode outside boundaries" which indicates the team member has a clocking event outside the set parameters for that location.

When you review the map for this shift location you can see the scheduled shift location is represented by a red pin. When you click on the other coloured pin the details of the team member's clocking activity is displayed.

In this example below, the green pin shows the team member clocked on away from the location represented by the red pin.

What do team members see when they clock in?

When you clock in or out for a shift or break on the Deputy mobile app, the distance of your phone from the assigned work location will be displayed.

In the example below, you can see the required clock in location for this shift is represented by a green pin on the map and the team member is 13km from that location.

There is also an indication given for the accuracy of that distance.

Team members have the opportunity to delay tapping on Submit to start shift, until they can see they are in the required work location.

mobile clock out

If a manager has enabled an alert to be notified if a team member clocks in or out beyond a designated distance away from the work location then only the manager will receive that alert, not the team member.

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