When creating a schedule, managers can now use the Staff Coverage model to set the amount of staff required and ensure there is adequate coverage across all areas of the business.

This article will cover:

Activate Coverage View in Schedule

In Schedule, navigate to Stats and click on the dropdown to select the ‘Show coverage in areas' option.

This will trigger boxed numbers to appear for each area for each day.

Set up required staff amounts

From here, you can click on any of the numbers to activate the Staff Coverage screen, where you can enter your shift count requirements for each area.

How this is reflected in the Schedule

Once you click Done, this will automatically populate into the Schedule. The required numbers of shifts to be filled is shown in the coverage panel for each day in each area.

What do the colours mean?

As you meet your scheduling requirements, the coverage panel shifts from red (indicating understaffed) to gray.

In this example, after rostering Sara in the Reception area on Monday, the coverage panel changes from being colored red and displaying 0/1 to being colored gray and displaying 1/1.

At a glance, in the weekly Area view, managers can easily check that all areas have the required number of shifts filled by ensuring that none of the coverage panels are colored red.

How to Deactivate the Coverage View

If you decide you want to revert to a Schedule view without the coverage panels showing, just click on the ‘Show coverage in areas' option in the Stats menu drop down again and it will toggle the feature off and remove the coverage panels.

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