Managers will now have the ability to access their team member's time off information whilst scheduling, reducing the need to switch between multiple tabs

Time-off Visibility in Schedule

When on the Schedule screen, proceed to either the weekly, 2-weekly or monthly Area view. From here, you can click the drop-down to view ‘Time off’ on the top of the Schedule screen.

Using the toggle, you can choose to view:

  • Both leave and unavailability

  • Either leave or unavailability

  • Hide the whole ‘Time off’ section

Seeing how it works

The following guide will highlight how to navigate through these options.

What do the colours mean?

  • Unavailability: purple

  • Leave: pink

    • Approved- pink with solid border

    • Awaiting Approval- pink with dotted border

In the example above, Kiran Kumar and Maria T all have leave awaiting approvals, whereas Mario Mobile's leave has been approved.

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