Supervisors and managers using Deputy via the web application to schedule their employees will need to be able to communicate in English. However, employees can easily use Deputy on their mobile device in one of our supported languages if they prefer.

In this article, we will look at which languages are supported on each of Deputy’s platforms. We will also cover how employees are able to use the Deputy Mobile app in their preferred language.

Summary of languages supported on all Deputy platforms

Language Supported

Deputy iOS and Andriod mobile apps

Deputy Kiosk app for iPad (iOS)

Time Clock app for Android

Deputy web application


Chinese (Simplified)

Chinese (Traditional)











How to change the language on Deputy mobile app and Deputy Kiosk app for iPad

Please note that changing the language for the Deputy mobile app or Deputy Kiosk app for iPad requires you to change the device’s system language, meaning your entire phone and all your apps will change to the desired language.

Follow these guides for changing the language on your chosen device:

How to Change the Language on the iPad Kiosk

How to Change the Language on the Deputy iOS App

How to Change the Language on the Deputy Android App


Do my employees need to be able to understand English to use Deputy?

No, if your employees use one of the languages supported by our Deputy Mobile App then they are able to use Deputy in their chosen language.

Users that require Access Level of Supervisor, Location Manager or System Administrator will need to be able to communicate in English to use Deputy through the web application.

When I change the language on my Deputy App on my phone does all the text in Deputy change to my chosen language?

All Deputy system text will change to your chosen language.

Any user-entered data, such as names, tasks, news feed posts etc. will remain in the language they were entered in, and will not be translated when you change the system language.

Does the voice feature of the Touchless Clock In on iOS Kiosk support multiple languages?

Not at the moment but we are looking into ways to support this.

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