This training covers stats panel, wages and hours budgets, forecasts and smart scheduling. We'll explore topics like how to set hours and wages budgets, track sales data and build labor models to achieve a required staffing number. Covering the step-by-step options for spreadsheet import, copy/paste or POS integrations. This training is best suited for Hospitality & Retail Managers who are looking to get data to help them schedule faster and smarter, and/or experienced users looking to optimise their scheduling capabilities to be as cost effective and labour optimised as possible.

Due to the number of questions and demand, we created this Help guide containing the training recording and the live questions and answers.

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Q & A Topics

Sales Data

Business Insights Setting




Sales Data

Are the actual numbers for Sales incl. GST?

This depends on how you typed in or imported the data and whether it included the GST rate or not.

In the Sales section, you have a section where Deputy provides a forecast on your sales which is dependent upon the data we have in there. What method do you follow to calculate this forecast?

We are averaging all or selected periods of your historical data. However, we do have another time-series forecast feature which is in BETA right now. Please contact our 24/7 support team if you would like to use the advanced AI driven time-series forecast.

My Deputy account doesn't show the ability to add sales data by area - is this not available to everyone?

This needs to be amended in “settings” within Business Insights, then choose sales, you will be able to set if you want to add sales data by area or by location. You will need to click on the “Break down by area” field.

What can we do if we're a business that doesn't have sales data?

If you do not have Sales data you can always create your own metrics. In order to do so all you have to do is once on the Business Insights page, click on Add Metrics, in the Sales sub part. In there you can create you own metric and base it on a $ value or a unit (in the case of our example in the webinar, coffees or pastries) and decide when you want it to be updated. This will create your own non sales metric that you can use in our reports.

Can I input sales data for a whole location and also a specific area at the same time?

Sales data input can be set by location or split into areas. You can find this in the "Settings" within Business Insights under "Break by areas". Please note that you can only select one format at a time.

Business Insights Setting

In the Business Insights settings, if you change the "forecast based on" time amount - would the forecast update immediately?

Yes, the data will be updated immediately.

Can I get live business insights?

Unfortunately not at the moment, but it is on our road map. To see the updates in Deputy check out the Whats New page.


What type of POS systems do you integrate with?

Please refer to this guide to find out more about our Point Of Sales integrations.

Regarding integrations - we are based in NZ and are using Idealpos, can you directly integrate?

We only directly integrate with Idealpos in Australia but based off their home page they can integrate with us. Please reach out to Idealpos for further information or have a look at this page.

If I can't find my sales integrations in the integrations list, can I still integrate my POS into Deputy?

Yes you can use our open API. Kindly contact your Point Of Sales provider and ask if they can integrate with us or else you can manually input the sales data or use our Dropbox integration. For more info about the Dropbox integration please see this guide.


In the Schedule vs Timesheets vs Sales report - can you add in employees who are not currently in Deputy?

If you wish to add an employee to the reports, they have to be in Deputy and have to have data attached to them to show something in the reports, specifically scheduled shifts, timesheets and/or pay rates.

If I want to see a trend in my business with regards to my wages, sales and labour - can i see this all together in Business Insights?

In order to see a trend in your business we recommend to use the "Schedule vs Timesheets vs Sales" report in the "Reports" section of Deputy. In there you can select a timeframe to your liking (no limit) and have a look at all the past data including Sales data. You can even exclude specific areas if you wish.


Who can access the business insights?

Supervisors will only be able to access the stats panel and see hrs figures on the scheduling tab. Location Managers will have access to Business Insights and be able to set metrics and allocate cost values.

Where can I see the employee costing panel? And why do these numbers change during the week?

The hours and $ figures underneath the employees names (left hand side in the schedule) show you the scheduled hours (and costs) for future days/weeks and the timesheet hours (and costs) for past days/weeks. This means it can change throughout the week if employees end up working more (or less) than their actual scheduled times.

Could you elaborate on the 9 hours example you mentioned with the Required Staff. Why did that metric turn into hours and not number of staff?

In order for us to compare the "Required Staff" with the budgeted hours and filled shifts (scheduled hours) we need to use the same unit (hours). The breakdown of this can be found in the stats panel within the schedule if you hover the mouse over the labour percentage at the top.

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