This training covers everything you need to manage scheduling in Deputy, including the different scheduling views, creating and managing shifts, creating templates and public holidays and time-off requests, and general time-saving tips. This training session is suited to managers who are new to Deputy and experienced users looking to optimise their scheduling in Deputy.

Due to the number of questions and demand, we created this Help guide containing the training recording and the live questions and answers.

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Q & A Topics


Employee Profile

Schedule Settings



Public Holidays/Leave/Unavailability


Other Questions


Can we have the client name and address in the area section as we roster staff at multiple addresses with multiple services?

You can attach a geo location to a specific area, in this case you can add your client’s address but this all depends on how your account is set up.

Can the area be our clients name? I am trying to figure out how to use Deputy as a stand alone roster without importing data from another system.

Yes, absolutely. You can decide what a location or an area is in your business.

We are running a 120 countdown driving program with students learning to drive and we need to assign volunteers into these shifts. Could we please go through that? As in creating a volunteer as a location since we will not have departments like admin or customer support.

This is an account specific question. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance.

We have employees who need to travel between sites - what is the best way to record this?

You can create multiple locations on your account with respective areas and schedule your staff members and ask them to clock in and out of their shifts. Another option is to add a geo tag to your existing areas (if set as your sites), schedule your employees in the respective areas and ask them to clock in and out of their shifts.

I have 7 locations, sometimes I want to look at only 2 locations at a time. Can I show 2 locations only on my screen?

You can select to view all your locations in the schedule and then hide the areas that you do not need to only view those locations/areas you require.

If you set up the scheduling settings in one location, can you then copy these settings to all other locations without doing each location manually?

You can't do that if the locations are already created. Our advice would be to set up your first location with the correct settings and then duplicate that location and just rename the duplicate. This would save you time having to do it manually.

How do we take the area out of public holiday rates?

This is something we have to do on our end. Please reach to to our 24 hour support team.

How do I create people as a location in order to get students assigned to them as a shift?

To create people as location all you have to do is on the Location tab, click on add a Location on the top right and once in that menu you can create a person as a Location.

Employee Profiles

Can you sort for more than one employee at a time? This would be handy if you're trying to compare 2 employees schedules?

Unfortunately, you can only view one employee's schedule at a time. Change your your schedule view to "by employee", this should give you the ability to compare all employee shifts.

How do you set up a preferred work area for an employee?

You can set up preferred employees to an area. This can be done in the location settings or under "Edit settings" next to the area's name in the schedule.

Is there any way to place restrictions on staff who can only work a certain amount of hours per week?

Yes, you can set a stress profile in the employee's profile under the ‘People’ tab if they work certain hours. For more information have a look at this help article:

How can I print out a PDF with the schedule of shifts for a specific employee only?

You can only print out (or export in general) a schedule based on an area or location so you could use a specific area for one employee only to make this happen.

Is there a place in Deputy where I can add employee certifications from validity to expiry? And will I get a notification when the certifications are close to expiring? It would help in scheduling if a certificate has expired that the scheduled shift then will be cancelled. Is this possible?

Is there a place in Deputy where I can add employee certifications from validity to expiry? And will I get a notification when the certifications are close to expiring? It would help in scheduling if a certificate has expired that the scheduled shift then will be cancelled. Is this possible?

Can you create a tiered or priority employee list for open shifts?

Yes, you can set up preferred employees for a specific area. Here’s our help article about this:

How do I add the percentage on each employee when they go overtime? For example after 4 hours without having a break.

This depends on your pay rate set up and if you're using our award library or not etc. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for specific assistance with your account.

Can we block certain employees from certain areas?

You cannot block employees from certain areas, however you can set training requirements to limit an area to certain employees.

I have deleted people that were archived as employees in Deputy by mistake and wonder how do I undo the deletion for my archived employees?

Unfortunately, the only way you can add those employees is by re-inviting them again.

Can you please let me know where I can add employee certifications with expiry? It will help us a lot in scheduling.

You will need to add this to the employee profile in the people tab. This will need to be added in the “Training” section.

How do I update an employees role which is located in the schedule employee filter selection?

To change the role of an employee from Employee to Supervisor or Location Manager, you would have to go on that employee's page, through the People Tab, select your employee, click on Options, Edit, through there you click on Job Information and on that page you can change their Access Level (Role).

Schedule Settings

How do you change the default shift hours for the company?

In the location settings under “Scheduling”.

Can you change the work week - say from Thursday to Wednesday as opposed to Monday to Sunday?

Yes, you can. Just have a look at the location settings under “Scheduling” and the first option is to change the weeks start day.

Would be great if we could set default shifts and default breaks.
Full Day Shift: 9am to 5pm - breaks - tea 10:30am to 10:40am, lunch 12:30pm to 1:00pm and tea 3:00pm to 3:10pm
Morning Shift: 9am to 12:30pm - break breaks - tea 10:30am to 10:40am
Afternoon Shift: 1:00pm and tea 3:00pm to 3:10pm

We can basically set default shifts through creating a template. When creating a shift you can add the break details which, if you save the shifts as a template, will also stay in those shifts. In order to do that all you have to do is click on "Break details" in the shift. Then you can select what type of break they have and also set a start and end time for the break as well. The times that you have set as start and end time for the break will show up in the timesheet at the end of the day unless your employees actually clocked in/out of those break as that would overwrite the scheduled break.

Our award states that employees must do 38 hours in a week, therefore their finish times will not be on the clock, for example including the 30 minute break, employees would have to do 7:00am-4:06pm for the 5 days to reach 38 hours. Am i able to set the shifts so that they finish at 4:06pm instead of 4:00pm, as finishing at 4:00pm will set them back by an hour each week?

In the Location Setting under Timesheet you can select how you want Deputy to manage start and end of shifts. We offer four options: Closer, Earlier, Later and No rounding. In this case, I would recommend No Rounding as this will instruct Deputy to take into account their exact signing in or off time. SO that if they finish at 04:06 it will show 04:06 in the timesheet. You can also, manually, edit the start and end time of the timesheet in the Timesheet section.

Does the 30 min lunch break automatically come off the hours worked?

Yes it does and it's by default set as a 30 mins unpaid break in Deputy. Please refer to this article for more information

Do employees need to clock in and out for their lunch breaks even if the break is listed in the schedule?

This depends on how you manage your business and if you wish (or need) to have the actual break times in the timesheets, then your employees need to clock in and out for them. Otherwise they don't have to.

Can I change the time displayed on shifts from regular to 24 hours?

At the time, Deputy works with the 24 hour time format but displays in AM, PM.

Can you ask employees to confirm shifts when publishing from a desktop? For some reason this only seems to work when publishing from the phone app.

If you wish for your employees to confirm shifts, you can do so in the Locations settings, Scheduling menu and in there you can select to have a shift confirmation and the delay before this shifts becomes an open shift.

Will you get notifications for expiring certificates?

Yes, if you have that notification turned on in the notification settings of the location.

In regards to the award question, I was wondering if as a scheduling manager am I able to change the setting so that I can schedule staff to finish at 4:06, for example? At the moment the only options for ending shifts are "4:00pm, 4:15pm, 4:30pm, 4:45pm". Can I make those changes?

These are basically two different questions. First, you need to be a location manager attached to the location or a system admin to make changes to location settings. Second, you can set the end time to something like 4:06pm but we usually suggest to shorten the break to 24min instead of 30min if your staff members are not clocking in & out of their breaks to facilitate this.


Can you copy scheduled shifts if each employee has 3 or more shifts per day?

You can copy your entire week schedule with multiple shifts into future weeks or simply create a saved template and load it for future scheduling.

I have been able to copy 2 shifts but if there are 3 or more shifts per day per employee, I am finding I have to enter the third shift manually on each additional day. How can this be?

This may be because your previous schedule did not include the additional shifts when you tried copying. Once you have a structured an ideal schedule create a template and load templates for future week.

We are having issues when changing the start time of a shift. Deputy automatically changes the break time. Is there or will there be an option to change the settings so it doesn't automatically change the break time?

This is an account specific question. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance.

When creating a shift and dropping it in the correct area, if the areas have different start times, is there a way for it to automatically change to the correct start times for each area?

No, this is a location setting, not an area setting. This means you can modify it for a whole location but not individual areas.

Can I copy and paste 2 week lots at once?

Yes you can copy and paste, import shifts or create a template. Just make sure you choose the correct view before doing so, in your example a fortnightly view.

If you enter a shift for one location and then the location changes - can you change the shift location easily?

You can just move the shift through drag and drop if you’re looking at “all locations” in your view. If you have more than one shift that needs to be moved you can do that through “bulk updating” in the shift settings in the top right corner.

If you have copied across a staff members shift for 3 months and then there is a minor adjustment i.e. they will now be working 9-4pm each Wednesday instead of 9-3pm - what is the simplest way to amend this?

If you’re using a template just import that template into an empty week, make the change/s and then save and overwrite the existing template.

Can you copy shifts between locations?

Yes, if you’re looking at “all locations” and then you can either move them through drag and drop or you can also use the “bulk update” function in the shift settings

Can the staff see the note on a shift without opening that shift?

No, they have to open it on their smartphone or desktop version to see the shift notes.

In regards to removing employees, removing empty shifts or deleting all shifts - is that only for the time period highlighted i.e the month or does it affect for all time?

Yes the bulk action will only effect the location and time period selected on the schedule tab on the left hand side.

For staff meetings - can we create one shift and add multiple staff to the meeting or do we have to create individual shifts for all staff?

You cannot have multiple people in a shift, but you can create multiple shift in the same area at the same time. You can also create an area called Staff Meeting and create you shifts there so that it does not overcrowd your other areas.

Is there any way that an employee can formally accept or decline the roster assigned to them?

Yes in the Location > Schedule Settings you can set a shift confirmation, which means if published rosters are not confirmed by a certain timeframe, it will be automatically turned into open shift.

We are having trouble publishing shifts from my phone app as it doesn't send notifications and emails to each employee. How can this be changed? I have to publish from a computer so I can select push notifications and email.

This is an account specific question. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance.

We are having issues with the hours shown, Deputy is showing more hours than the workers have actually worked. Does it still count the hours if a worker's shift has been changed?

Assuming that you mean the hours shown in the Schedule, it shows you the scheduled hours for the days ahead and the timesheet hours for the past days. This means if you're looking at it midway through the week you would see half the days with scheduled hours and the other half with timesheet hours. If this is not answering your question please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for account specific assistance.

Can the default view "by area" be changed?

Yes, you can select the view type from the drop down list. View by area or View by Employee with multiple timeframes.

Regarding the open shifts - are staff able to pick up the shift on Deputy or do they have to call in or email to pick up the shifts?

Once an open shift has been published, in order for an employee to claim it they have to sign in unto their Deputy account to pick it up. They cannot claim a shift from their email or call to claim it.

We used to be able to copy multiple shifts from 1 staff to another but lately we can no longer do that so it's taking some time if we schedule 2-3 staffs in a certain location. How can this be?

This is an account specific question. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance.

When printing a schedule by area - can it print the notes also?

When printing a schedule by area or by employee, the shift notes will be printed, however they will not be in the schedule but underneath on the left, just below the break notes.

Regarding Leave - is the total days available updated if Deputy is not integrated to a payroll system?

Deputy doesn't work with availabilities. We work with unavailabilities. That means if a staff member has not put in an unavailability for a specific time/shift/day etc. they're treated as being available.

Looking at the left of the screen in the scheduling tab, some people show hrs with a zero $ value and others show hours with a $ figure - can you explain why this happens?

Yes, this depends on multiple things and in order to diagnose what's happening in your account please reach out to our 24/7 support chat. One of the reasons could be your access level and what you can see and how many locations you're attached to. It also depends on if there are pay rates attached to the employees and if so which pay rates (awards, hourly or salary etc.) and it also shifts throughout the week as it replaces the scheduled hours (theory) with the timesheet hours (reality) as the week goes on and the timesheets get submitted.

How do you schedule a multi day shift, for example an employee is doing an extended tour?

You can create multiple separate shifts on the schedule with different start and end times.

Can you see the total hours rostered by area or can you only see this by employee?

You can see the total jours rostered by area in our Stats in Schedule but only if you have selected that specific area.

Can I set up a roster as a test and then publish it to see how it works and then delete? so it does not effect when I decide to go live with Deputy?

Yes, you can do that. Just make sure your employees are not yet invited to the system or make sure to publish it using the option "No notifications, just mark as published".

If you have a few weeks already published in the diary with all employees working the same shifts days and times consistently - if an employee's hours are to change permanently - is there a way to update all their published shifts or do you have to change these manually?

This has to be done manually unfortunately but feel free to submit this as a product feedback through clicking on "Help" and "Submit product feedback" in the system.

Can I create 30 open shifts with one action or do I need to create 30 open shifts one by one?

You can create one open shift and copy 29 times, or you can create a roster of open shifts and copy them as much as you want.

Can we set up a shift for our opening hours eg 9am to 10pm and then allocate staff under that, eg 1 person 9 to 12 and another 12 to 4 - will Deputy then say we have unallocated hours?

No, we won't warn you that you have un-allocated hours but you could potentially use empty shifts (placeholders) from 9am - 10pm and then you can drag and drop employees in there to cover the whole shift.

Is it possible to add in the shift when the break will be taken instead of having just the duration for the break? I look at the insights to understand the costs for the day.

You can, when creating a shift, specify the duration and the start and end time of the shift. However to see the cost of a shift with break or without depends on if the breaks are paid or unpaid. This can be seen and/or modified in the Locations Settings/Timesheets

We run two set shifts in our factory and the people are usually set for what shift they are working. What tips can you provide for most easily dealing with this setup?

This is an account specific question. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance.

If a staff members area changes half way through their shift is there a way to automatically set this up to change without having them sign out and then back into the different area?

No, this can't be done automatically if you don't make that change either in the schedule while it's happening or in the timesheet section afterwards. Deputy can't know that your employee's area changed without any data input.

If I have two different managers scheduling two different teams in one location, are they able to do that within the one roster without being able to alter or change other areas? If this is account specific, just let me know.

The managers for the same location have access to the same roster. If they wish to schedule employees, they have to be careful to have their area and their area only displayed, otherwise they can change the schedule in other areas than their own.

What about a shift that has no actual end, eg 6pm till close? How do we handle those? Do we just put in an approx. time and then staff sign off at the appropriate time?

Yes, in that case just set an arbitrary end time and have your staff members clock out when they actually finish. The roster in a sense is just the theoretical hours anyway and the timesheet hours matter for payroll later on.

Is it possible to do a bulk update moving one entire person's roster to an empty one?

It is possible to Bulk Update one person's schedule from one area to the other, all you have to do is in the option menu (with the cog icon) select Bulk update and bulk-change from one area to another. Just make sure to hide all other areas besides the two you're working on.

Is there any way we can undo a shift? for example if we accidentally deleted a shift can we undo it?

You can delete a shift just by clicking on "Edit" and/or "Delete". However you cannot undo a deleted shift or multiple shifts but you can undo copying shifts.

Can we categorise people in the schedule view? And also can we filter employees in the scheduled area?

You can filter employees on the left side via the "filter" button and you can set training requirements to certain areas if you want to filter which employees can work in those areas. Just make sure to attach the trainings to all appropriate employees to be able to roster them in those areas

Can we filter only a few employees and see their schedules?

At the moment if you wish to view the schedule by employee, you can select View by Employee in the "View By" menu, however we do not have at the moment a way of selecting specific employees to see their schedule, unless if those employees are all in the same area.


How do you create shift templates?

First select the correct location, date range and view type that you prefer for your template. Then start adding shifts to your schedule. This can include shifts with employees assigned, open or empty shifts. Once you have created you ideal schedule. Click Copy Shift icon and from the drop down select "save template". However you have structured your roster, it will be saved exactly like that. Note: be precise in your template title.

Can we set up a base roster?

This depends on what you mean by “base roster”? If this is for all locations and areas at once you can through choosing the right view before creating the base roster or template. Otherwise please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance.

Can you have a template per Area?

Yes, you can. Just choose that particular area before creating the template.

Is it possible to create templates based on a 5 weeks schedule? It looks like there is only day by day, 1, 2 or 4 weeks.
This would be helpful for 24 hr shift rotations that are based on a 5 or 10 week rotation.

This is unfortunately not possible at this stage however you can submit this as a feedback to our product team via clicking on "Help" and "submit feedback".

Can you create blank shifts for templates instead of having staff assigned to the shifts?

Yes you can create a skeleton structure without any employees in a template and then drag and drop your employees when you’re ready to schedule them in.

How do you view a saved template and can you make changes to those templates?

You have to import it into an empty week to see it, then make the changes and then save it under the same name and overwrite the existing one.

Can you bulk copy shifts to load into a template?

You can copy shifts into a schedule and save that schedule as a template.

What's the best template for a rotation for employees having one weekend off (hospitality)?

You can create a set weekday template including your employees in the schedule. Then leave the weekends as 'Empty or Open Shifts' and once this has been uploaded in a new week then just action the weekend schedule accordingly.

Can you create a template, then save it, edit it without loading into a particular week? I use this as a general roster which changes rather regularly. I can't import into next week for example, as some employees may be on leave or unavailable for that week.

When you create a template, you create it taking into account, the Location/Area, View by and the date, therefore if you create a template and wish to modify it, it will have to be loaded within a calendar. From there you can edit it and save it again under the same or different name.

All roster templates in our system - including our master - were recently deleted. Is there a way to retrieve them?

At the moment, once a template has been deleted, there is no way of getting it back.

If you have the same shifts for certain employees each week - is there a way to to put that in the schedule instead of manually inputting it each week?

You can copy an employee's shift for the next day and/or next week. You can even create a template just for one employee with all of their shifts for a week and copy it to the next week.

We have our own manpower planning templates (xlsx format) that we wish to integrate with Deputy's Schedule feature. How do we go about it?
The feature we are looking for is to present our existing data in Deputy in a manner, to enable efficient manpower planning.

This is an account specific question. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance.

Public Holidays/Leave/Unavailability

How can you select a public holiday for one location only?

You will need to select your preferred location on the schedule tab (left hand side) or if you have multiple locations that follow the same public holiday then select all locations and block off your public holiday.

Do you schedule hours for a public holiday not worked or not schedule these hours?

For public holidays not worked we use a work around where you set up a seperate area and call it “Public Holiday not worked” and then contact our 24/7 support chat to take that particular area off public holiday rates. Once that happened you can just schedule your employees in that area for that day and they will be paid the normal rate for not working.

We have QLD based employees that are working & are scheduled in NSW. When it is a QLD public holiday only, these employees are entitled to public holiday rates. Is there a way to schedule that day as a public holiday for only certain employees in a location?

This is an interesting case. In your specific example I would suggest to create a separate area in the NSW location and call it something like "QLD public holiday" or something similar. Then please reach out to our 24/7 support chat to take all other areas/locations off that particular public holiday. That means the employees scheduled in that area on a QLD public holiday will get the public holiday rate and everyone else in the NSW location will not.

How do I submit an annual leave for an employee?

A supervisor and above can submit a leave type for their employee directly (this will be automatically approved), or ask your employee to request this from their own profile.

Can we set a date as a public holiday but still have staff work and scheduled to allow for the shifts to be exported to Xero at Public Holiday Rates?

Can we set a date as a public holiday but still have staff work and scheduled to allow for the shifts to be exported to Xero at Public Holiday Rates?

I have stable shifts for my staff and therefore will copy shifts a few months in advance. If I have already approved annual leave in advance (before I have created the schedule) - will it reject certain shifts if there is a double up for the staff members who I have approved leave for?

It won't reject those shifts but it will bring up a warning and tell you to not roster this person. You can overwrite this as a manager but the warning will stay attached to the shift.

Can I backdate a public holiday e.g. if last Monday was a public holiday in QLD - can I go back in the schedule and make it a public holiday as you can in the present? I have just tried this but nothing came up.

Yes, you can. Just be aware if the timesheets have been approved already to un-approve and then re-approve them so they grab the public holiday rate. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for account specific assistance.

If the employee is on leave, how do you update that on Deputy?

You have to ask your employee or manager to add the respective leave in their profile which then will show up in the schedule and create a leave timesheet automatically.

Can we block out leave requests or can we block leave once there is someone else on leave?

Yes, but you have to do this manually. We can’t automate it in a sense that Deputy knows that an employee took leave and therefore blocks it automatically for future requests.

How do you request a day-off or annual leave?

Employees are able to request leave through their own profile or the location manager can request this on their behalf through the persons profile. For more information about leave management have a look at our previous webinar:

When an employee has been rostered, how do they notify us if they're unavailable to work?

Your employees can use the newsfeed tab to communicate this privately or publicly. For future scheduling we suggest you ask your employees to submit their unavailability.

Regarding Leave - If leave balances are updated by Deputy - are they based on the contracted hours or the hours worked?

If leave balances are synced from Payroll, Payroll is the source of truth for Leave Balances, so this would depend on settings in your payroll system. In Regards to deducting leave from a balance when leave is taken, this will be based on duration of approved leave. Where "Accrue And Deduct Leave Balance" is enabled at a location (under Integrations), this will be based on ALL time worked.

How do I delete an unavailability that an employee has put in?

The only way to delete an unavailability an employee has put in is to go on their People page, click View, from there click on Unavailability, (fourth on from the top) and once in that menu you can click on the garbage can to the right on the unavailability.

Can Deputy show annual leave or unavailability?

Yes, once your employee has submitted a leave type or unavailability and it has been approved, this will be visible on the schedule by "view by employee".

Can you import Country and State holiday calendar per year?

At the moment you cannot import Country and State holiday calendar, but you can add them manually.

How do you get the Public holiday not worked area to go white?

This is something we have to do on our end. Please reach to to our 24 hour support team.

Will anyone who has approved leave be considered when scheduling?

You can still schedule employees you have approved leave or unavailability, however a pop up warning sign will appear to indicate this.

If I have an employee who has a RDO on a Public Holiday, how do I show/record the time in lieu?

Our Default awards do not facilitate the accrual of Time in Lieu. There is also often complexity with the integration of such leave accrual to payroll systems. This could potentially be archived through paid custom work in the award in your account. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for account specific assistance.

When you made the area for public holidays not worked, you mentioned to put employees in that area that would be paid for the day. How do you make it so that employees in that specific area are not automatically having the public holiday rate attached to their pay?

You need to reach out to our 24/7 support chat to help out with this as this is something that can only be done in the backend of your account. After we de-activated that specific area from the Public Holiday rates it will show up in white instead of red and the employees scheduled in there will get paid their base hourly rates.

Regarding the public holidays not worked, making it white as you mentioned would have to be done by your team through going in the backend of our account. What does this exactly mean?

This means in order for the "Public holiday not worked" area to be excluded from public holiday rates you would have to create the area and then contact our support team to exclude it from the public holiday rates.

Why can you not highlight a public holiday and also block out dates? The public holidays are the key dates where we need all staff here. Please advise how you can make this happen?

You can just tick both boxes at the same time for those particular days.

Can you show us how to schedule annual leave for an employee?

If you want to see how to apply for annual leave, please have a look at our Leave Management webinar:

For the new "Public holiday not worked" area created - how do we specify that the base rate applies to this area given that the whole day has been marked as a Public Holiday?

You need to reach out to our 24/7 support chat to help out with this as this is something that can only be done in the backend of your account. After we de-activated that specific area from the Public Holiday rates it will show up in white instead of red and the employees scheduled in there will get paid their base hourly rates.

Will leave requests show up on the employee view if they haven't been approved yet?

Yes, they do. Also in the “Time Off & Schedules” report you can see this very well.


How do you set up to allow employees to make notes in the timesheets to send through to payroll?

This depends on the payroll you want to export into. If it is a software that Deputy can't directly integrate with then we can do this through the "Custom Payroll Exporter" and if it's one of our default payroll softwares (like Xero) it depends on what's included in the export file. Please contact our support team for more guidance.

How do we add notes to timesheets?

This is a topic called “shift questions” which you can set up in the timesheets. For more information on it have a look at this article from our help portal:

Will you be covering exporting time sheets to Xero today?

We have done webinars on both Timesheets 101 and Xero in the past. Please find our past webinars at

How do I export to excel for payroll?

Please refer to this article:

Will we cover unschedule shifts today?

Unscheduled shifts is a timesheet topic and we’re covering scheduling today.

Is there a webinar for approving hours?

Yes, there is. Please have a look at the the webinar in this link:

If a staff member forgets to clock in can we add that employee on another day?

If a staff member forgets to clock in you can manually validate their timesheet the next day with their start and end time.

It is common in our workplace to do over time and I have found that when a staff member does over time they clock in and out appropriately but once they end the shift it defaults back to what they where scheduled to do when I approve a time sheet. Is there a way to stop it from removing the overtime from the timesheet?

This is probably due to a selection in the Locations Settings and the auto-rounding of the start and/or end time. You can change this in the location settings or reach out to our 24/7 support chat for additional assistance.

Why can we not see annual leave per area within timesheet approval? Annual leave does not show up.

The reason for this is the "per area" view itself. You're looking at your roster (and your business in some sense) through the area selection, not the individual employee selection. It was designed this way specifically and will show you a warning if someone is on leave or unavailable. If this doesn't work for you we would recommend to quickly change the view to "per employee" before you create the roster to get an idea who's not available.

When exporting the timesheets to a CSV with history audit, some employee's end times show the old value. Is it possible that when generating the report - it only shows the clock out new value?

This depends on what you mean by "old" and "new" value. Assuming you mean the scheduled times (old) vs the timesheet times (new) this would most likely have to do with your auto-rounding settings in the location settings. You can turn off auto rounding and therefore have the timesheet times to export.

Other Questions

We have site workers and if they finish on a job site early then i have to change the shift location. I couldn't find how to change the location easily. How can I do this?

This is an account specific question. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance.

How do we stop 3am notifications to staff about an upcoming shift, we want them to only be notified when we publish or change shifts but we don't want to turn off all notifications?

This is an account specific question. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance.

What are the payroll systems available in New Zealand compatible with Deputy?

Xero is the system we most regularly integrate with and they are available in NZ. If you're looking at a different payroll software feel free to reach out to our 24/7 support chat to check if we can directly export or if we have to use our custom payroll exporter. For more information about that have a look at this page:

Can we use one kiosk for people to clock in for multiple locations?

You can't use one kiosk for multiple locations. In order to facilitate this you would have to create a separate "Kiosk" location, then attach the tablet to that location and make sure to also attach all employees that need to use this tablet to the Kiosk location as well. Also make sure to only use the Kiosk location for clocking in/out, not for rostering, timesheets or leave etc.

How can you hide your business metrics in scheduling? It just appeared one day.

Just click on the “Stats” button on the right top side.

Do you offer onsite training for specific issues / questions?

Currently all of our meetings are Zoom based, if you have any specific account questions, please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance.

Can Deputy be used to transfer the hours straight to Quickbooks?

Yes, we can directly export to Quickbooks. For more information about this have a look at this article from our help portal:

Can we have a test area to trial things? We are having issues with the data that comes across from another system?

This is an account specific question. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance.

What about if you have two types of shifts, one where they get an extra allowance for using their own equipment and then another shift type where their own equipment isn’t required?

This is an award specific question, but for most awards that we have in our system, this would have to be manually added to one shift and not the other

Does Deputy have a 'Department' or 'Teams' filter in the People tab? My company has multiple departments going by Audit, Project, and Assets. This would aid managers in filtering out their respective departments in their generated reports.

Deputy does not have a "Department" or "Teams" filter. You can set your departments as Locations and have the employees assigned to their respective department as their "Main Location" that way you can filter them by main location or you can create trainings with Department names and attach them to the appropriate employees and then filter by "Training requirement".

Is there capacity to set up differing default shift length times for part time and full time workers? Ie full time staff members: 7.6 hrs/day, part time 6 or 7 hrs.

Not at this time, however there is some future work planned for assisting with agreed / contracted hours on an individual basis. It is too early to provide any timeframes at this stage. Keep your eyes on

Can you change the staff order manually to another order I prefer?

At the moment we can change the order your staff is displayed in the scheduling windows by many criterias but we do not offer custom ordering of staff.

Can I generate a training register online and email it to someone for WA if RG&L come into the venue and want the register for staff who are working on that day?

This is an account specific question. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance.

How do I access the Time off and Schedules report?

To access Time Off and Schedule reports, all you have to do is to click on the Reports tab on the top right of your Deputy page. Once there, you can select the Time off and Schedule report. It is usually the 7th one from the top.

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