We’re changing how timesheets are exported for Gusto & ADP by removing ‘on the fly’ pay calculations on the 30th of July 2021 for Gusto and 30th of August for ADP.

In order to export regular and overtime hours going forward, you must assign a US labour law to each of your employees. This can be done in each employee’s profile as outlined in the help doc here.

You can find a complete list of our current labour laws here or in the drop down menu of your employee’s profile in Deputy.

Am I Affected?

If you use any of the following integrations to export timesheets:

  • ADP Run (Over The Air)

  • ADP Workforce Now (Over The Air)

  • Gusto (Export Rule set to “Apply the following export rules”)

Why are payroll exports changing?

This change will help to make payroll exports more efficient and Simplify Shift Work for our customers.

'On The Fly’ pay breakdowns are being replaced by Deputy’s Pay Rate Library. After assigning your employees to a US labor law through the people page, Deputy will be able to export accurate payslips - with overtime, leave, doubletime, and other pay conditions generated automatically.

Deputy strongly recommends that customers assign employees a US labor law in order to drive better pay compliance. Customers should assign the correct pay rate depending on their US state of operation, read more here.

How can I be prepared for this change?

  1. Assign employees a relevant US labor law - read more here

  2. When exporting timesheets, make you choose “Utilise a Pay Rate from Deputy Pay Rate Library”. Read more about exporting US labour laws to ADP Run, ADP WorkForce Now and Gusto

  3. For non award rates (Hourly - 40 hr + 1.5x OT) - Update the export codes on the pay rate mapping screen to to be either Regular or Overtime, depending on the hour type.

Note for customers using File Download for ADP Run or Workforce Now

  1. If you are using file download, you will need to switch from using the old version of the payroll script - identified by the (deprecated) at the end of the export name - to the new version that includes award interpretation. You can identify the new payroll export as it is identically named, but without the (deprecated) tag.

  2. If you are using file download for Run, you will can choose whether or not to export worked departments while exporting. If you would like to export worked departments, you will need to select whether areas or locations are used - if choosing Deputy location/department please ensure the locations export code is a valid ADP Run Department Code (Company -> Departments -> Department Number). If using Deputy Areas/Departments, please ensure that each area name is a valid ADP Run Department Code. If you do not wish to export any worked department please keep the dropdown empty.

  3. The deprecated versions of both Run and Workforce Now export scripts will be removed August 30


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