Q: Why does Deputy update awards?

A: Deputy periodically updates awards for many reasons. These reasons may include bug fixes, adding new features, updates from Fair Work, or updating outdated pay rules. Whatever the reason, Deputy will notify you of updates when they occur. If you receive such a notification, it is important for you to go into each employee's profile in Deputy and select the newest version of the award. See below for instructions on how to do that.

Q: How do I select which award I want to use?

A: We have a help doc for this!

Q: Which version of the award should I select in the employee's profile; I see there are several different versions.

A: Always use the most recent dated version of each award. Older versions may not be compliant with current requirements or may not function properly. If you have a question about which is the most recent version, please chat with our customer support team by clicking on the chat box below.

Q: What happens if I don't update the employee's profile after Deputy has updated an award?

A: Your employee will remain on an outdated version of the award which may not be compliant with Fair Work requirements, or may not function properly.

Q: Will Deputy ever automatically update my employees' profiles to the new version of the award?

A: In some cases, Deputy will automatically update employee profiles to the new version of an award. When that is going to happen, Deputy will send you a notification that the award has been updated and the date on which Deputy will automatically apply it to your employees' profiles. Deputy will always provide advance notice of this in order to allow you time to manually make the change if you prefer to make the change on an earlier date.

Q: What is the rate of pay for ordinary hours in this award?

A: Deputy does not pre-select your employee's hourly rate of pay. You as the employer fill in each employee's base hourly rate in their Deputy profile after selecting an award. This rate will be applied to ordinary hours. Be sure to consult with Fair Work about the minimum rate of pay for each employee under an award.

Q: Does the award include penalty and overtime rates?

A: Yes. Please visit Deputy's Custom Awards Library Help Docs for a detailed explanation of the penalty and overtime rates that are included in the award.

Q: Does Deputy guarantee that I will be compliant with Fair Work requirements by using this award?

A: No software provider can guarantee compliance. However, Deputy takes seriously its mission to Simplify Shift Work and endeavors to provide employers with useful tools to simplify compliance. Employers should always review all timesheets for proper hours and pay before submitting them to payroll.

Q: How do I get more information on this award and how it works?

A: If you still have questions after reading this FAQ and visiting our Custom Awards Library help docs, please chat with our customer support agents by clicking the chat box on this website. We love to chat with our customers and will do everything possible to Simplify Shift Work for you!

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