About Proliant

Proliant is a cloud-based HR and payroll software platform.

Proliant created and maintains the integration with Deputy. Any technical issues or questions should be directed to your Proliant account team.

Proliant | Deputy Integration Functions

  • User Data Sync - API based provisioning of new users from Proliant account into your Deputy account.

  • Import of Hours for Payroll (BETA) - Through an API based integration, admins can import hours from Deputy directly into Proliant for payroll processing.

Integration Data Flow

How do I connect my Proliant account to Deputy?

You will need to connect your Deputy account to Proliant by following these steps:

Pro Tip: You must have admin privileges within Deputy:

1. Login into Deputy https://once.deputy.com/my/login

2. After logging in, the url in the browser address bar will be


3. Copy the YourCompanyUniqueUrl portion and paste it to an email to be sent to Proliant, but do not send it yet. You will collect other items below.

4. Add /exec/devapp/oauth_clients to the end of the url in the browser address bar so it looks something like this:


5. Click the 'New OAuth Client' button in the top left corner.

6. Set:

A. Name: Proliant

B. Redirect Uri: https://www.readypayonline.com

7. Click ‘Save This OAuth Client’ on top

8. Click the 'Get An Access Token' button on top and copy the token generated.

9. Now we need the ‘Unique Code’ for each location. Log back in to https://once.deputy.com/my/login

10. Select the ‘Locations’ tab on the top, then select ‘Edit Settings’ button next to each location. On the Location Settings screen is a box titled ‘Unique Code’

11. Send an email to your Proliant Account Manager with these items:

A. YourCompanyUniqueUrl

B. Access Token

C. Unique Code for each location

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