From the first week of February, wherever you choose to use Deputy, from your desktop or preferred device, you’ll experience a fresh, new look and feel as we make the most exciting update to our brand yet. You and your team will see a new logo, a new color palette, and a refreshed experience roll out across Deputy in the product, on our website, and through all our communications.

We've captured some of the most frequently asked questions we've had below, to make sure you know what to expect when theses changes roll out. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to get in touch with our 24/7 support team or feedback directly to the designers here.

Why did Deputy refresh its brand?

We updated our logo and the visual look and feel of the product to better represent our customers, the Deputy team that sits behind the product, and our vision for the future of shift workers globally.

What has changed?

You will see a new logo, a new color palette, and a refreshed experience rolled out across Deputy in the product, on our website, and through all our communications. You can see some product highlights here.

Has this refresh changed any existing functionality?

No. All updates made to our product are purely visual. The way you use Deputy will still be the same, including any custom branding settings.

What does the new spark logo mean?

Our previous star logo was part of Deputy for the past 12 years. And while sometimes change means saying goodbye, it also makes room for improvement. Our new logo, the “spark,” not only reflects one’s individual spark, but further represents all of the people who come together to create a thriving workplace. We believe our new logo is simple yet meaningful, and it reflects our passion for collaboration and inclusivity.

Why did you decide on “peach” as the color for the new logo?

To accompany the new logo, we’ve also introduced a new, vibrant color palette to replace our Deputy blue. And while our logomark looks sensational in peach, we know it also looks fabulous in lilac, cobalt, mint, and burgundy.
Our expansive secondary color palette allows us to better display our colorful personality, while also creating a more enjoyable, intuitive experience for all Deputy users. With our new colors, we’ve improved the accessibility of all our apps, meaning our users with visual impairments will find our apps easier to use.

Why did you make changes to the color patterns on the schedule?

As part of this update, we made a number of design changes that serve to simplify shift statuses, helping make the schedule easier to understand. Most visibly, unpublished shifts will now appear as grey. How the color affects open shifts hasn't changed, they've always been the published/unpublished color with the pink tag. Similarly, empty shifts now appear as white, for an easier visual cue.

Are you making any changes to the start shift and stop shift action buttons?

No. Our start shift and stop shift buttons will remain green and red respectively. To make the brand refresh an easy transition as possible for our customers, we avoided changing the colors of many core actions.

Can I change back to the old view?

Unfortunately, no. The updates we’ve made to our brand have been an important and permanent step towards creating a more intuitive, accessible and overall better experience for every Deputy user (which you can read more about here). If you have specific feedback about any of the changes, we’d love to hear from you here.

Why can’t I see the new app icon or other changes?

If you can’t see the new app icon after January 28, you may need to manually update your Deputy app. You can do this through visiting the app store or google play.

Is the name “Deputy” changing?

No. This refresh involved updating lots of visual elements of our brand, including our logotype and logo. Our brand name, however, is a core part of who we are and hasn’t changed as part of this visual refresh.

Where can I share feedback about these changes?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please use this form to share your feedback directly with our product and design teams.

Will you be making further updates after January 28?

While we have no plans to update our visual brand again anytime soon, we’re always working to make Deputy work better for you and your needs. Visit our “What’s New” page to see our latest updates to the product.

Where can I download the new brand logos?

Update any internal files, such as training docs, with the new logo and product images here.

Need more support?

Our 24/7 team are here to help — please get in touch via our in app chat function.

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