A non-worked type area supports managers to schedule team members to a shift where the time will not be calculated to the total time worked, or triggering overtime rates and stress limitations. This is a common requirement in many industries such as in Healthcare with NDIS customers.

In this guide we will cover:

What is a non-worked type area?

As its name suggests, any shifts that occur in these areas will NOT be treated as a normal working area. This means:

  • The shift time worked in this area will not be calculated into the total ordinary time of any scheduled period or shown in reports such as Scheduled vs. Timesheet vs. Sales.

  • Scheduling a shift in this area will not contribute to overtime rates or trigger stress profiles.

  • The default shift cost will be $0 for shifts that occur in a non-worked type area.

How to setup non-worked type area

To set up a non-worked area, you can either Add a new Area to your Location.

Or you can simply edit an existing Area in your selected Location.

Then click on Advanced area settings

Toggle the switch to Yes for the question "Don't count towards worked time".

Click Save.

Specific Cases Where Non-Worked Areas May Be Useful

Setting up non-worked areas for your organisation may useful when scheduling for scenarios such as:

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