Please make sure to check with your relevant state laws for the details on the length of time required for the paid leave and any other requirements. Please note you must be a system Administrator to set up new leave roles.

In this guide we you will learn:

  • How to create the new leave policy

  • Assign the new leave rules to eligible employees

  • Optionally assign a leave balance to eligible employees

  • Export the new leave hours

  • Reporting

Create a New Leave Policy

Log into Deputy and select 'Business Settings' .

Next select the 'Leave' tab and then 'Leave Rules' as seen here.

From here select 'New Leave Condition' and complete the following fields to set up.

For this new Leave Rule, you may choose to use the following settings to help set it up but be sure to check and follow your company policy and / or state regulations.

Name: Example: Paid voting leave

Paid Leave: ON

Type: Holiday Leave

Visible to Employees: ON

Reset Leave Accrual: Never Reset

Export Rule for Payroll: Export using Export Code

Export Code:If you wish to have the paid Voting Leave process in your payroll provider under your existing "vacation" or "sick" leave type, then use either the code "dp_annual_leave" or "dp_sick_leave".

If you wish to have the paid Voting Leave processed as a separate leave type, you will need to enter your appropriate payroll earning code, and also manually input the leave in your payroll provider. You can manually review the taken leave using the "Time Off & Schedules" report, and then manually input that leave into your payroll provider system. "

Track Leave in: [Dependent on your company policy and/or state regulations]

Assign the New Leave Rules to Eligible Employees

Navigate to the 'People' tab and select the eligible employees and then select 'Bulk Actions' to choose the 'Add Leave Type'. Choose the appropriate leave type and then click 'Save' to apply the new leave rules to your employees.

Pro Tip: Quickly validate you have added the leave type to the eligible employees by selecting ‘Also Show’ and then ‘Leave Balance’ as seen here.

Assign a Leave Balance to Eligible Employees (optional)

You can manually set the leave balance for employees under the individual employee profile, or by using a ‘Bulk Actions’ update. Learn how to edit leave balances in this guide.

Pro Tip: Adding the balance of these hours into Deputy allows employees to see available hours and helps managers track if an employee has enough hours to request the time off. Please note this is entirely optional.

Export The New Leave Hours From Deputy

Employees and managers should follow set procedures for requesting and approving time off with these new leave rules.

Use these guides to learn how to request time off and how to approve requests.

Pro Tip: Comments are required to submit a leave request.


Follow the normal procedure for exporting timesheets from Deputy and importing them into your payroll provider.

Once you have exported the normal working hours and any regular paid vacation or sick time, you will need to run a separate report for the new voting leave rules. This report will provide all voting leave hours taken during a specified time range.

Navigate to the Reports tab. Select the 'Report Builder (BETA)' option and click ‘create new report’ and then ‘leave’.

Once loaded, click 'Edit Report', then 'Configuration' and 'Filters.' Change the date range filter to match your pay period and select 'Run'.

Pro Tip: You can run this report for each pay period by updating the date range filter in the report and selecting 'Run'.

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