This training covers best practices and time-saving tips for building and managing schedules in Deputy. This includes creating and loading templates, auto-filling empty shifts, how to seamlessly manage multiple sites, finding last-minute replacements, and exporting your schedule.

Due to the number of questions and demand we have created this Help guide containing the training recording and the live questions and answers.

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Scheduling 101 Training: Frequently Asked Questions

During the session we received a number of questions, which are organized below into topic areas. Click on the topic ares below to access the questions and answers in each topic. Where applicable we have added links to other Help resources.

Color Code

How do you get the different colors of the areas?

Click the 'Edit' button right next to that area and you can change your color there.

Is there a way to color code specific employees in the schedule? We need to ensure there is always an employee with a specific type of credential on each shift.

You can’t color code employees but you can color code your areas in deputy. You can also add training tags or preferred employees

Schedule View

My biggest struggle is viewing each person's schedule in full. So what i need, is for each row to be stretched to become wider. Is this an option?

Yes, you will need to change the view. To do this, select the employee, day and be able to see a full stretch.

Can you set a default break? Aka, my employees don't get breaks, and the breaks auto populating poorly, means I make an extra set each time?

Yes, please go to the locations tab>scheduling> default meal break.

When setting the breaks (using the check box) we've had issues with double breaks being put on their shift and then when they log out for lunch and try to log back in it's all wonky. What am I doing wrong?

I would be mindful when scheduling breaks because it is easy to add two breaks. You can create a notification that stops employees from clocking in early to their break.

Is there a way to color code specific employees in the schedule? We need to ensure there is always an employee with a specific type of credential on each shift.

You can’t color code employees but you can color code your areas in deputy. You can also add training tags or preferred employees.

Can you view the schedule for the entire month with all employees?

Yes, you will simply change the view type.

Is there a way to enter paid lunch breaks?

Yes, you will need to go to the Business Settings - top right click 'Hello, Anita' and select Business Settings and then make the paid lunch break adjustment there.

In the different areas if all shifts are the same, did I miss a step where I can just add all employees that go in that shift at once?

You will need to create individual shifts and then add those employees into those shifts.

Can all employees see all locations on the app if they are tagged to all locations?


It would be helpful if she could show how to schedule a split shift Example) 7a-12p, then comes back 9p-7a

You are able to create two shifts for an employee. First add the shift 7-12pm and then add the employee click save. Then create the second shift with the time showing 9-7am.

When an employee is scheduled for a shift 8-4 and is placed in another shift from 4-12 at a different location is there any way to detect this?

There will be a gray box that shows that the employee is working in another location.


Is there a way for us to put their vacation in for employees?

Yes, you will go into the employee’s profile and add the leave in there for the employee.

Will there eventually be a connection with Bamboo HR so that we can pull vacation schedules?

The current BambooHR integration captures leave balances from BambooHR but does not sync any date based information. Approved leave in Deputy is then also passed along to BambooHR. As we strengthen partnerships globally, Deputy is always looking to expand our available options with our partners but this is not on any roadmap at this time. Please note: BambooHR is currently (and temporarily) available for existing customers only.

Can we import all the holidays for the entire year ahead of time, like Jan 1st?

Yes, you would log into Deputy and select public holiday for those days.

Can you block time-off requests by date? So no time-off requests can be submitted within two weeks?

Yes, if you log into deputy and select those two weeks that you don’t want your employees to take off.

Can you restrict who see's the cost info to protect employee payroll privacy i.e access given to costing info to payroll and manager?

Yes, this is within the ‘People’ tab > click the employee profile and make sure that you set up the correct permission level.

Can you give better breakdown of where to go to input "public holidays"?

For example, if your company takes 4th of July off - you will click on the day July 4th and select ‘public holiday’. you will then do that for the remaining holidays that your company takes. Use this guide to learn more about public holidays.

Earlier in the questions, you said that you could bulk upload. How would you do that for all public holidays?

Unfortunately, you can bulk upload in the scheduling tab for start / end times/ deleting staff, but not for public holidays.

What causes hours to not calculate properly under the employee for the work week?

Are you approving timesheets with the start of the work week? That is what I would first look into if the time is not showing up correctly for the employee.

When I approve PTO, why doesn't it auto deduct from the employee’s PTO accrual section? I normally have to manually deduct the time once its approved…

Deputy will automatically deduct leave if you have this notification set within the Notifications & Integrations setting in the Locations Tab. Please check to make sure you have the deduction set because once you approve the timesheets, Deputy will deduct the leave.

Can I schedule vacation time and does it run down when my employees take vacation?

If you add leave balances in your Deputy account and turn on the feature of leave balances auto deduct.

When I have an employee marked on vacation, will they automatically get paid on pay day or do I have to do something else?

Yes, they will get paid.

Is it possible to see the employees who have requested off on the schedule template while you are building a schedule?

Yes, this will show up as red with a dotted red border.

Is it possible to program the system to not pay a public holiday if the employee missed a scheduled shift before or after the holiday?

You will add unpaid - missed day.

Is there anyway you see if they have PTO or vacation time. Is there away there time will come up when request.

You can add leave balances in Deputy and see how much time employees have left. Managers will get a notification when their employees request time off.

Training Tags & Preferred Employees

Seems like you need to add the training tags to the right employees and then make sure one of them is on each shift, correct?

You will only need to add the training tags to that employee. You'll see here in a moment what this will look like when employees do not have the training tag.

How do you make preferred employees for a given area?

Click the 'Edit' button next to the area and you will see the preferred employees.

Can an employee be made preferred in more than one role and more than one location?


CaI set preferred employees for an entire location? In a given location I have 15 different areas.

You can associate those employees to their default location

Autofill has always been made a big mess of our schedule when we've used it. People scheduled in departments they have no training or hours they don't normally work in, will adding the preferred employee and training to each employee correct this?

Yes, please try adding preferred employees to those specific areas which will set requirements.

Where do you create different "training" options?

Go to locations tab > areas > click into the area that you want to add a training tag to> type in your new training tag to that area.


Area Address - Can you set a specific GPS

Yes, you can create a specific address for that area.

Is there an undo button if you make a mistake?

There is an options button (top right) where you can make those adjustments.

We have people distributed through a large facility which will have one street address. Is there a way to differentiate a building zone that will help us with GPS tracking?

I would add those specific street addresses to those areas. This way you can get your GPS clock in as close to the building as possible.


My 'notes' are not showing up on the app that the employees see.

The employees will get the shift notes within the published schedule sent to their mobile device and their email.

Where do employees see notes?

On the shift. I am going to publish the schedule shortly and will show you what the notes look like for employees.

When you enter break details it doesn't show up in the comments on the schedule. Is there a way to enable this? It's important that our staff is able to see when each others breaks are so currently we only enter our breaks into the notes so they are visible.

As of now, Deputy does not have the option to print out meal breaks for other employees to see. What I suggest is adding in the meal break to the ‘notes’ section.

How can I makes these notes?

You will click into a shift and add the notes into the shift.

Where is the comments section that my employees can leave notes in?

At the end of a shift.

Why can’t you unlock a shift to add notes?

You have already published the shift.

I feel like I'm missing a step with the notes I put on when I schedule a shift, the notes are not showing up when I export or on the app.

The notes will show up for the employees when you publish the schedule.

Copy Shifts & Templates

How do I schedule further out without having to copy and paste? All my employees work the same shifts each week?

You will create a template. This way you can upload the hours on a week by week basis.

Can you create global templates you want used in multiple locations? can you do this on the fly as you showed?

You can duplicate templates to other locations but the templates will not automatically show up in other locations.

How do you create a template? My staff work the same shifts each week all year long and I’m looking for an easy way to build their schedules.

Click the arrow next to 'copy shifts' > 'save template' > 'load template' to that specific week.

Can you schedule 2 for one location on the same day and save the template?

Yes you can schedule 2 employees or as many as are needed and yes, you are able to save it as a template.

Can you copy a schedule to another week - with the employee attached to it (not a template with empty shifts)?

Yes, you will select the ‘copy’ button on the schedule.

Can it be saved to a template?

Yes, you will create the template> then select "save template" and load the template for the week you want.

I have an office where I have the same staff everyday, same hours. I don't have all of these types of areas. How can I set the same schedule every month?

You can create a template on a monthly basis. Go to view: area/month and create a template for the month this way. This guide on schedule templates may also help.

Open Shifts

Can employees choose partial open shifts?

No, employees will need to take the full open shift.

Can you set certain days that can be blocked for trades/open shifts once the schedule has been published? I have blocked certain days for no time off... but then they want to drop their shift - I want to avoid that!

The only way you are able to do this is to turn off this feature for the employees. This can be done in the locations tab under > schedule.

At my company we have employees that regular shifts and on-call. How can you schedule an employee for a regular shift but also for an on-call shift that same day/night?

I would need to understand if those on-call shifts, if the employees automatically get paid even if they don't show up for work. If that is the case, you would schedule the on-call shifts so emplyees will be able to see that they are on call.

I need to be able to block "busy" days where they can't drop/offer shifts - can you just do that for specific days or does that effect ALL days to drop/switch shifts?

You are not able to do that for particular days.

Additional Training Resources

Is there a help feature that I can access if I have questions in real time?

Yes, top right in Deputy there is a “help” button you are able to click that and select chat support. You can also use this guide to request help at any time.

When is the next training so I can schedule my managers?

You will be able to find the next training when you go to You will see the next topic that is covered.

Will there be training on timesheets and approval of timesheets? Our company has salaried employees and we need to track hours worked on a Federal contract.

Not specifically, however you can access other training on timesheets by visiting I will add this to a list of training topics that the Customer Experience team trains.

We have 65+ businesses. What enterprise tools do you have? Where can I find a list/article regarding this topic?

We have our platform called Deputy Enterprise. I suggest having a demo on the product to see if this platform would fit for your business.

How do we submit a feature request? IE: to Block or restrict to a maximum of emps off in each location per day or shift?

Log into your Deputy account and click the 'Help' drop down in the upper right, and select 'Suggest a Feature' which will launch the form. You can also use this link to access the form.


If there is a schedule change, is there a function for the scheduling manager to be notified if another person makes that change?

No, there isn't a way that notifies if a manager changes the schedule. The only person(s) who will be notified will be the people who are working.

Adding someone to a shift or taking someone out of that shift? Is there functionality for anyone to make those changes, or can it only be the scheduling manager. If the former, does the scheduling manager get a notification?

No, only Managers are able to do this. You are not able to receive a notification for any adjustments that are made.

I often get a notification that the employee is "stressed" when they work a PM shift followed by an AM shift. Is there a way to fix this so that it does not stop me from copying those shifts over?

Yes, you will need to go into the employee profile and make sure you have the correct stress profile associate with that employee. For more help with Stress Profiles use this guide.

Can you restrict the number of shifts or hours per day/week an employee can Claim or request to Claim with Mgr Auth required?

The way you would be able to limit is by setting a stress profile for the employees. If the employee moves into overtime, they will not be able to claim any shifts.

Sometimes there are red marks on the employee's shifts and they are saying they are stressed. We do three 12 hour shifts.

You will need to go into the People Tab and change the stress profiles for your employees.

We are not using Deputy through our time clock at this time, is there a way to turn off the clock in notifications.

Go to locations tab> notifications & integrations> turn off clock in and clock out. You can also turn on the "auto start and finish" shifts.

How do I get rid of the red marks on employee's shifts that say they are stressed. We do three 12 hour shifts at our company.

Go to People tab> click on the employee that you want to change stress profiles to.

How would I change the settings so that it does not say that an employee is "stressed" when they've worked a pm shift followed by an am shift?

You need to change the stress profile that is associated with that employee.

This is not on the topic of scheduling...My employees work 4, 10 hour shifts. I am getting alerts when I use the 40 hours and overtime setting. I have to set it at 24/7 then calculate my own overtime. what should i be doing?

You need to reach out to Deputy Support team. They are able to create a specific stress profile for your employees.

Stats Bar

Sometimes I use the stats tab to see how many working hours I have for a day. However, I don't seem to be able to limit to multiple select areas. Can I just see stats for Garden and Cashier at the same time(to use your categories in your demo account)?

There is a new stats bar that is about to be released. I don't believe this is currently an option but a great feature suggestion!

Is there going to be a Shopify integration for more budget minded scheduling? Or even an onboarding integration because I know Australia has a BETA test.

Deputy AMER will have this discussion on the upcoming roadmap session

Is there a more advanced training that would go into the stats?

Not yet, I will make this suggestion to have a video made for the stats scheduling.

If you had a labor budget, how would you upload that into Deputy to compare against the schedule's cost?

You will add that labor budget in the stats panel. You will then be able to see the rate at which you pay your employees versus any other metric you currently have in your system.


Does Deputy allow for time zone differences. For example how do we schedule Colorado staff and Arizona staff within the same schedule?

Deputy takes into account different timezones. Please make sure you add the timezone in the location tab for that specific location.

When approving timesheets, how do you see both the start and end shift pictures?

You are only able to see the end picture of the employee. Use this guide to approving timesheets. You can use this guide to enable or disable photo verification for employees or view this Timesheet Basics Training.

When someone forgets to log in for the day, it has to be adjusted in Deputy, what is the easiest way to do that?

First, I would suggest turning on the “clock on feature” in the locations tab under > notifications. This way employees will be notified to clock in. Then go into that employee’s timesheet and make the adjustment there.

What happens if an employee is scheduled for a specific time, but they punch in early/late or punch out early/late?

You can change the settings so employees do not punch in early for their shift. When the employee does punch in different than their scheduled time, this will reflect in the timesheet section.

Is there a way to export timesheets to excel. Meaning, I have to update my clients as to who is working the event. I HATE :) to have such a fast system to schedule, and then have to do the sluggish task of typing each name into an excel spreadsheet. Sorry, I missed the last ten minutes.

You are able to export timesheets that have been approved within a CSV/Excel. You will go to the export timesheets> select the employees> export to excel.

Do you need to schedule employees to an area? What if they are a floater but you want to show them as scheduled?

You can have employee’s chose their own area that they are currently working with for that day.

How do I export schedules and then upload them to Paypal?

You will need to first approve the timesheets and then upload to your payroll provider.

Other Questions

What is an export code?

An export code maps to your payroll provider. you will need to reach out to your payroll provider if you want to map your employees to that specific area

Do you need to schedule employees to an area? What if they are a floater but you want to show them as scheduled?

You can have employee’s chose their own area that they are currently working with for that day.

Can you restrict who see's the cost info to protect employee payroll privacy? IE: access given to costing info to payroll & manager.

Yes, this is within the ‘people’ tab> click the employee profile and make sure that you set up the correct permission level

Can I have multiple (at least 2) Pay Rates for a single employee?

You can add two pay rates. You will go to the employee profile and select "pay by area".

Let's say I have an employee scheduled in two different locations. Let's say one location they have a full weekly, and the other they are just a fill-in. The managers for these locations don't share responsibility, are not tagged to each others locations. How can these managers best communicate staff allocations? Coordinate conflicts?

If an employee is scheduled in another location there will be a gray box that is associated with that employee. The other manager will be able to see that the employee is working in a different location. vacation/ unavailability will show up in both locations.

Block time-off requests - can you restrict the number of employees off, by date? For example, set a max limit of employees approved off at any one time?

Unfortunately not, that is a great feature request though!

Sometimes I use the stats tab to see how many working hours I have for a day. However, I don't seem to be able to limit to multiple select areas. Can I just see stats for Garden and Cashier at the same time(to use your categories in your demo account)?

There is a new stats bar that is not yet available in all accounts. You can find more information here about the new scheduling statistics and the stats panel.

For "importing" employees, I know you can do name (but it does not transfer well). How can we import their rate of pay?

You can import this in bulk under people tab> add bulk.

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