In this guide, we will cover the ways you can use an invite link to invite your team to begin using Deputy. Specifically, this article covers:

  • Using your unique Deputy invite link in social channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger, etc, text or email via the web and mobile app

  • Deactivating your invite link so it can no longer be used

Use this guide to Invite Employees to use Deputy via email and the 'People' tab.

This Invite Link guides team members to set up their Deputy account so Managers only need to approve their invitation. As a Manager, you are always in control of who can join your Deputy workspace.

Using the Invite Link means you don't need to have an employee's email address. Simply post this link to your social communication platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger or Facebook Groups and the employee will use the link to add their contact details as part of the guided setup process.

Note: If you are using Deputy's SSO feature, you will not have the invite link feature available for use.

Via Deputy on web

To obtain a link from Deputy web that you can share with your team, select the 'Add People' option from the People tab, then 'Add / Import Multiple People' or 'Add Single Person'.

From here you will have access to 'Invite with link' and a unique link code that you can share with your team.

Simply select 'Copy link' and begin sharing with your team across any social platform that you and your team use to communicate.

Note: If you have already invited a team member via email, they will not be able to use the invite link to join Deputy. Please ask them to accept the invite in the email they would have received. You can resend an invite email via the People tab on web under the 'Options' button.

When a team member follows the link, they will be directed to an invitation page where they will be able to create their account. The team member will need to enter their email, full name, mobile number (optional) and password.

Once the team member has created their account, a request is sent to their manager for approval. To locate these requests, navigate to the 'People' tab where you will find the 'invite link requests' at the top of the 'People' list. Select 'View' to open up and approve requests.

Here you will find all invite requests that can be individually approved as well as the option to select the location you wish to approve the employee/s for. To bulk approve the invite requests, you can use the 'Select all' option.

To approve a request, simply tick the check box next to the employee's name and select 'Accept'. You can also add the employee to an existing Deputy user you might have entered manually. You do this by clicking 'Add to existing' and finding the existing user to merge profiles with.

Invite requests will remain available until you either 'Decline', 'Accept' or 'Add to existing'. You can come back at any time and as often as you like, to resume approving requests.

Via Deputy on our mobile apps

Inviting employees and approving their requests can also be achieved solely from a mobile phone.

Within the Deputy app, navigate to the 'People' tab and select the '+' icon from the top right corner of the app (on Android, use the floating round '+' button). Choose 'Invite with link' from the options available and either tap the link to copy it or select 'Share link'.

Using the 'Share link' option will allow for easy sharing across any communication platform that is suitable for you and your team.

Once the employee has received the link and successfully created their account, the manager will begin receiving invite link requests within the People tab.

From here, managers can proceed with approving any and all invite requests for their employees.

If you would like to stop an Invite Link from being used, you can deactivate it via Deputy web. Simply select the 'Add People' option from the People tab, then 'Add / Import Multiple People' or 'Add Single Person'. You will find the 'Deactivate' option under the ellipses (...).

You will then be asked to confirm the deactivation. Note that team members will no longer be able to use the Invite Link once it's been deactivated.

If you deactivated your Invite Link due to spam. You can then generate a new one that is secure and unique to your Deputy workplace.

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