For new customers as of 19 August 2020, you will experience a simplified way to manage your integrations in one central place. In the future, this will replace the Payroll, Notifications & Integrations tab in the Location Settings for all Deputy customers.

Under the menu in the top right hand corner when you click "Hello, Your Name", you will see a link to access integrations.

You can add new integrations from here or view your already connected integrations for each location.

Connect Your Integration

  1. Find the integration you want to connect
  2. Press 'Connect add-on'
  3. Choose the location in Deputy you want the integration to connect to
  4. Follow the prompts to log into the third party
  5. After successfully logging in, head to the 'Connected' tab to find it
  6. Click to open it and press 'Configuration options' to finish setting up your integration

Disconnecting Your integration

  1. Under 'Connected', find the integration you want to disconnect and open it
  2. Press the red 'Disconnect add-on' button.

Pro Tip: Disconnecting the integration will remove all data and tokens associated for that user and the integration.

Filter for integrations that are relevant to you

  • Region - Use this filter to find integrations supported in these regions.
  • Industry - Use this to find integrations relevant to your industry.
  • Category - Use this to find integrations focused on particular features. e.g. People, Point of sale.
  • Search for your favourite integration - Alternatively, you can quickly search for an integration's name if you know what you're looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a third party, can I add integrations into this new experience?

Not at the moment. You are still welcome to build integrations using our existing API.

I can't see extra information about my connection to the third party? e.g. Square location, Xero business, Gusto business

This is a known limitation and is being worked on. Alternatively, you can view this information in Location > Edit Settings > Payroll

I can't find Dropbox in this list, do you support it?

Yes. Dropbox can be found in the old integration experience under a Location > Edit Settings > Notifications & Integrations.

Where can I find the Deputy Notifications & Extensions?

All the Deputy notifications have been moved into an add-on called "Deputy Extensions" which you'll be able to find in the list.

When choosing a location to connect to, I can't see my locations?

This is a known issue we're actively addressing. Start typing in the search and your locations will appear.

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