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  1. What does "recalculating timesheets" mean?

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  3. What is the applicable range?

  4. When recalculating timesheets would be useful

What does "recalculating timesheets" mean?

This means that Deputy will perform checks to ensure that the pay for this employee will still adhere to any pay rules that are applicable to them based on their assigned pay rate in Deputy.


You can find the setting in Business Settings > Timesheets in Deputy. The setting can be switched to the following options:


No recalculation of any timesheets will occur when approving timesheets.

Only from the selected timesheet and onwards (within the applicable range)

If this is selected, when you approve a timesheet, any already approved timesheets that fall after this one (date/time wise), will automatically be recalculated to ensure the correct pay.

All timesheets within the applicable range

If this is selected, when you approve a timesheet, any of the selected employee's already approved timesheets before and after the currently selected timesheet will be recalculated to ensure the correct pay.

Warning: using this option may significantly increase the time it takes to approve timesheets

What is the applicable range?
Premium customers - applicable range starts on the day you have specified under Location Settings > Schedule > Weeks starts with. The range ends 7 days after the chosen day. This is also known as your rostering week.

Enterprise customers - if you are exporting by pay period then the applicable range is the pay period.

When recalculating timesheets would be useful

The most common reason recalculating timesheets comes in handy is when you are approving timesheets out of order (non-chronologically). This usually happens in the following scenarios:

  • Employee tells the manager they actually started or finished late or early, requiring the manager to update the hours on their submitted timesheet

  • Timesheets are not sorted by date ascending when approving timesheets, e.g. you might prefer to approve timesheets by Area

  • Employee tells manager they were actually on leave despite being scheduled (by mistake)

In all of these situations and more, the actual time worked by an employee was changed and Deputy needed to ensure that the employee will still get paid correctly according to their assigned pay rate and associated pay conditions.

If the employee was assigned the "Hourly (40 h + 1.5 x Overtime)" and had already worked 40 hours but the timesheets were modified to add more hours, these added hours should be counted as overtime. A recalculation of the timesheets will ensure that those hours get counted as overtime.

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