This training covers best practices and ways to setup and optimise your Deputy account. As part of the training we hosted a live Q&A session and received a number of questions. Due to this demand we have created this Help guide containing the training recording, additional resources and all of the live questions and answers. The training covered:

  • Account hierarchy

  • Locations and Areas

  • Settings

  • General Time-saving tips and tricks

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Deputy Account Setup Training: Frequently Asked Questions

During the session we received a number of questions, which are organised below into topic areas. Click on the topic ares below to access the questions and answers in each topic. Where applicable we have added links to other Help resources.

Locations and Areas Settings

Access Levels

Employee and Pay Rates


Timesheets and Exports

Other Questions

Locations and Area Settings

Can you have one employee over more than one area?

Yes, an employee can work in every area in the location that they're assigned to but you could use training requirements and/or the "preferred employees" setting to further distinguish which employee can work in which area in a given location.

For more information about both of those options have a look at these articles from our help portal:

Adding training requirements

Select preferred employees

Can you colour code locations for the schedule?

No, you can only colour code areas within the locations.

Do the employees see the area address in their app?

They only see the location address.

If the area has a different start and finish time to another area can this be set up automatically?

No, you can set different start and finish times for each location but not areas within a location

Does the rostering week start day have to match with the payroll week start day?

No, it doesn't have to be the same

Can you allocate the schedule times per area?

No, you can allocate the schedule times per location

When you put a new shift in and publish it and send SMS to our staff - is there a way to put a custom message with that published notification? For example before someone grabs the open shift you want them to know something before they accept it?

We can't put any custom messages in our SMS notifications at this stage

What if your opening hours are different for different days and/or have split opening hours per day?

We would suggest to set the start time (and/or end time) maybe in the middle of both times or use the time that is used on most days

How do you link particular employees to a specific manager?

You make the manager either a location manager or a supervisor at a specific location and then attach that location to the employees you want to link to this manager

If the open shift has been sent out and taken, will the team members that were not fortunate to take the shift be notified that it's no longer available?

The employees who were unsuccessful taking the open shift won't get a notification, only the one that was successful

Does shift notification settings have to apply to all employees? i.e What if certain employees do not have the ability to use this feature (for example a mentally disabled employee?)

The shift notifications are a location based setting, not an employee based setting. If you have certain employees that need different settings you would have to do this through setting up a different location with seperate settings for this

How can I set up approval for all changes to shifts? At present only shift swaps require approval but I'd like to have the ability to approve 'open' shifts being picked up as well.

It's only possible at this stage to require manager approval for shift swaps

Can we set up notifications so that all staff within a certain department (maintenance or admin for instance) are sent to the department manager?

Yes, this is a location setting and if you set your business up in a way that locations in Deputy represent departments in your business you can turn this setting on for only that certain department and have the manager of that department be either a location manager or supervisor in the location.

Once your roster is published - can everyone see the entire roster (even in locations they are not part of)?

You can choose between 3 option of visibility for staff members. Either they can see their own and everyone else's shifts or they can stricly only see their own or the third option where they can see only their own + coworkers shift for only the current day.
For more information about the shift visibility have a look at this employee schedule view article from our help portal.

When an employee works across two different Areas which have different rates of pay - do they need to clock out and clock back in again to change areas, or will deputy automatically shift them over to another area on their timesheet for that day?This is technically not necessary. The only issue is that you have 2 shifts in the roster and 1 timesheet. This can be manually changed in the timesheet section afterwards and turn 1 timesheet into 2 in 2 seperate areas with different pay rates. If you want to automate that process you need to turn on a location setting called "Split timesheets by roster" in the "Notifications & Integrations" section of the location settings.

Can you switch on clock in via mobile for specific employees only?

No, this is a location setting and therefore is location based, not employee based

Can you explain what is shorter / longer for rounding? If I start at 5.58 which do I use to round back to 5.45? Is this longer or shorter?

In this particular example you would have to choose the "Round to earlier 15 min" option. For more information about rounding have a look at this article covering rounding timesheets from our help portal.

How do managers set up getting email notifications for leave requests?

Managers get email notifications for leave requests. Please have a look at this article from our help portal or reach out to our 24/7 support if it's not working for any reason:

When I click on notifications and Integrations nothing shows up, is there a reason for that? It's just a blank grey box.

Make sure you don't have an adblocker enabled in Deputy, as this could prevent certain things from loading. If this doesn't help, please raise this concern with our 24/7 support chat for further assistance.

Regarding the auto rounding of timesheets - if we wanted our timesheets to match what was scheduled, i.e. if the employee clocked 3 minutes early what settings do I need to select for enabling auto-rounding and then the round start/round end time of timesheets?

There are a few different options. The Auto-rounding could be set to round to the nearest 15 min or you could have the timesheet always start when the shift is scheduled. For more detailed information have a look at this article from our help portal.

When offering an open shift, is there an option / future possibiltity for staff to either accept or decline a shift, (possible with a comment option) and for manager / supervisor to see who has declined or acccepted a shift?

Yes, the option is called "Open shifts with approval". Please have a look at this article from our help portal:

Regarding the notifications - what happens if you don't use any of the services shown? Can we still set notifications?

If you don't use any additional services, you can still use the Deputy Extensions found in the Integrations tab

I use the Deputy Kiosk in conjunction with mobile app for clock ins - I have noticed that it seems to only be able to login to each device as one location at a time. Is this correct?

Yes, you can only have one location attached to one kiosk. There's a workaround: You could create a location allocated especially for the Kiosk (maybe even name it "Kiosk") and attach this location to the kiosk.

How would you recommend setting up schedules & approvals for salaried staff who do not clock in & out?

There are multiple ways to deal with this. You could set up a seperate location for those employees and don't use the schedule in that location for example or you could turn on a location setting called 'Scheduled Shift -> Auto Start & Finish' in the 'Notifications & Integration' tab and automate the timesheet approval process that wayI use Wage Easy and notice that it is not on the list for Payroll.

Is Wage Easy going to be included?

WageEasy is not included in the list of direct integrations but you can still export to WageEasy. For more information have a look at this article from our help portal.

Can you set up a shift that you just want someone to work a certain number of hours at any time in the day, eg I want my staff member to work 7 hours today, but I don't mind when they start and finish?

No, but you can just put a 7 hour shift in at any time during the day and your staff members can clock in and out whenever they want or you don't use the schedule at all and only use the timesheets.

How do I get notifications of the reasons given for declining a shift? I've been told before I should get an email (we don't), and have to click into the shift history to see the reason and it seems this function is not available on the app, is that correct?Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for assistance with this issue.

It seems that the setting "Allow employees to view each other's schedules" doesn't work in our account. Only System Administrators can see all shifts, employees can only see their own shifts. Any idea why this could be?

This could be an isolated issue in your account and hard to verify here. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat and they will be able to help you further.

When we add a new location, we have to update employees profiles one by one cause employees cannot find the new location. Is there other way to doing this?

Yes, you can "bulk action" in the center of the people tab (next to "filter" and "also show") and "add location" is the first option.

We have a shift for 8 hours then 8 hours of sleep which is an allowance, can we have a time for the sleepover but not have hours for it?

Shift time for sleepovers is something we're looking into adding to Deputy. Currently there is no way to do this without rostering the employee for the sleepover hours.

We have two sites but I need managers to be able to access both rosters I have endeavoured to add the site via the "works at" section in the profiles this works but it then imports the person to xero payroll for the other site which I can’t have I have the ability on my access to do this without being on the other sites payroll but haven’t been able to successfully repeat for other managers with them appearing on the next Xero payrun. How can I do that?

In general we don't recommend using more than 1 Xero account in the same Deputy account. It could be in this case that you have the function "Auto-sync Employees" turned on in both accounts which is responsible for this. We would recommend to turn this function off in both accounts and syc employees manually between Xero and Deputy if necessary for pay rates updates etc. This function can be found in the location settings under the "Payroll" tab.

Can you delete a leave type if it was entered incorrectly?

Yes, you can as long as this leave type hasn't been used in a timesheets in the past. If it has been used you have to either go back and change the timesheet or rename the leave type to something like "Don't Use - Annual Leave" or similar

Access Levels

Is a Supervisor user limited to staff in their area?

No, an access level is limited to a whole location (or multiple) but not an individual area.

How do I see employees access levels in Deputy?

You can see an employee's access level under "Job information" under "Edit profile" in an employee's account.

Can you customise the permissions for the same roles - for example, could one supervisor have slightly different permissions to another supervisor?

Users are not able to customise permissions for access levels in our Premium plan.

Enterprise plan customers can read this article on customising roles.

If we put pay rates into Deputy - will everyone be able to see it, or just certain people like Location Managers and System Administrators?

No, only Location Managers and System Administrators are able to see pay rates. For more information have a look at this article from our help portal.

Employee and Pay Rates

If using excel to bulk upload team members, does there need to be a specific format or layout?

Yes, there has to be a specific format. Please have a look at this article on our importer wizard from our help portal for more information.

Is there any way to set penalty rates as a set amount rather than a percentage of base rate, as we currently pay above award?

This is only possible with billable custom work which we would have to build into your account. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat if you're interested in this.

In the previous fortnightly pays I have not successfully updated the 2020 pay rates from 1 July 2019 to 1 July 2020. How can I get any help with that?

Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance with this issue.

How do we match qualifications of staff to Deputy and have them saved on there so we know who is qualified for each area?

You can set up training requirements for a certain area and attach those trainings to the relevant employees. For further information have a look at this article from our help portal.

I have had to pay SGC as this was not taken up when exported into Xero. The reason being HPSSA - CAS - Others - 1-July-2019 - Sat classed as overtime and exempt from Super Guarantee Charge SGC. However HPSSA - CAS - Others - 1-July-2019 - Sat Daily OT and HPSSA - CAS - Others - 1-July-2019 - Sat Weekly OT are classed as Ordinary Times Earnings. How do I ensure my employees Saturday shifts are allocated to the Ordinary Times Earnings item?

Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance with this issue.

We pay allowances to some employees for some locations - can these be imported into the payroll system?

Yes, we can export allowances to certain payroll providers. Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat as we need a little more information to answer this question.


Can schedules be bulk imported, eg if we use another system to book routes and time start/end?

Yes, they can. Please have a look this article from our help portal for further information.

Is there a fix to the issue I have currently raised when changing a start time or finish time to a shift, currently the break time will alter automatically? This causes issues with our 24 hour call centre rostering

Please reach out to our 24/7 support chat for further assistance with this issue.

Do we have the ability to see break times on the schedule?

Yes, you can see the break times in the schedule. For more information about please read this article from our help portal.

Can you display staff on holidays or sick (i.e. planned surgery 3 days) on the roster?

Yes, you can see the unavailabilities and leave in the roster through changing the view to any of the "View by employee" views

When a staff member is shared over two locations - can they be ordered so that when allocating them to a shift it offers the first preferences at the top of the list?

You can use the preferred areas feature to specify which areas the employee is preferred to work in and then the employee list will be broken down into two categories, "preferred" employees and "not preferred" employees. You can find more information on this here.

Can you schedule an employee for multiple locations in a day on the kiosk?

We're not sure if we understand the context of this question properly. Please contact our 24/7 support chat for more assistance.

Timesheets and Exports

The timesheet export just seems to be a data dump by day of each employee who has worked. how can this be changed so that it creates a timesheet for the week for each employee individually? (Deputy doesn't integrate with our payroll system so we have to input the weekly hours manually)

This is likely occurring due to using an export that totals the daily data. To customise your export file to your requirements, please check out our Custom Payroll Exporter.

Do you need pay rates in deputy to upload timesheets to Myob?

No, you can export employee's Timesheets to MYOB without pay rates. For more information about this read this article from our help portal.

If we roster a casual staff member in 2 areas during one day (2 hours in one area and 4 hours in a second area) how can we avoid the calculation to count the min of 3 hours cost for the 2 hr shift?

You would have to do that manually through "un approving pay" in the timesheet approval section and change it back to 2 hrs.

As a manager, how do I edit an employee's timesheet if they started a shift late/finished early a few days back?

You can edit timesheets as long as they haven't been exported to payroll yet.

Can you please let me know how I manage break times if the staff leaves at lunch time?

You can just delete (or add) the break in the timesheet.

How do you manually round the timesheets in the timesheet section? - I cannot locate that function.

There is a little button right next to the finish time that says 'Round'.

If a person doesn’t take a rostered (unpaid) break, how do we get it to automatically appear in their timesheet?

If a break was added to a shift in the schedule (unpaid and paid) it will appear in the timesheet, regardless if the staff member has taken (or clocked in/out of the break).

Other Questions

What HR systems best integrate with Deputy?

We integrate with many different systems across regions and countries. Please have review our integrations page for a detailed list.

Is there a way for staff when signing in on an iPad or mobile device to change the location of their scheduled shift?

No, the staff member can't change the shift when clocking in (regardless of mobile or Kiosk). This would have to be done by the manager either before in the schedule or afterwards in the timesheet.

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