The Web Kiosk is a legacy product at Deputy and will no longer be developed or supported.

For a better experience for your team members including touchless clock on capability, we highly recommend using the iOS Kiosk App or Android Time Clock app.

Use the iPad Kiosk guide or the Android Time Clock guide to set up those kiosks.

Deputy provides several Kiosk options enabling your team to clock on and off. This article covers setting up the Web Kiosk which allows your team to clock on and off using a device of your choosing via the Web.

Before we get started, please note you will need to have set up your Deputy account including Locations and Areas and have already loaded your employees in Deputy. For more help setting up your Deputy account visit our learning centre or for more information on Locations and Areas use this guide.

In this article we will cover:

  • Setting up the Web Kiosk

  • Helpful tips and FAQs

Set Up the Kiosk via the web

Open your Deputy account within the web browser and enter "/exec/config/kiosks?-create=true" (sans quotation marks) after your Deputy URL.

Here is an example URL where /exec/config/kiosks?-create=true has been added to access the Web Kiosk set up.

Complete the setup questions as seen here. Simply fill in the fields and click 'Activate Kiosk Mode'.

On the next page, check that the details are correct, then click/tap 'Run this Kiosk'. On the next page, click 'Ok'.

This will bring you to a very basic version of the Web Kiosk. This functions in the same way as the iPad and Android app, without the photo capturing ability.

Helpful Tips

Please note that Employees:

  • will use their PINs to clock on / off

  • can change their PIN by logging into Deputy from their computer or smartphone app and editing their profile. their PIN will be emailed to them. (Employees cannot change their PIN at the Kiosk)

  • there is no photo capture capability so employees cannot clok on or off with their photos

  • Kiosks are set up per location and will only show employees for that Location. For more on Locations check out this Getting Started Guide. If an employee is working from a different location, then they need to be rostered in the Kiosk at that location for their name to show up

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