This article will cover


  • Shopify account

  • Deputy System Administrator or Location manager access

Connect to Shopify from Deputy

Read Connecting New Integrations for an introduction to connecting to third party systems.

Upon successfully logging into Shopify, the pop-up will close showing your Shopify connection.

Alternatively, install Deputy from the Shopify App store

Click here to install from the Shopify app store.

Mapping sales within Deputy

For each location within Deputy, you will be able to map all online sales or all POS sales to individual areas within Deputy.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What counts as "Online orders" in Shopify?

Any order that is paid for through your Shopify online store.

It is currently recommended you only map online orders to 1 area in Deputy at this time. We do not support mapping to multiple areas or locations at the moment. If you do this you might experience a mismatch of sales in Deputy and Shopify.

What counts as "Retail POS sales" in Shopify?

Any order that was paid through Shopify's physical point-of-sale registers.

Does the integration pull Shopify draft orders?

Yes, however, you are not able to map draft orders to a specific area at this time.

e.g. If you make an order via the Shopify Admin portal but haven't marked as it paid, it will move into a draft state. This order will be pulled into Deputy as a sales record and allocated to the area you have specified in "As a default".

Does the integration support timesheet sync?

Not at this time. Give us feedback if this will help your business.

When do orders get added to Deputy?

Our integration pulls orders from Shopify every 15 minutes. You can manually pull Shopify orders by pressing "Run now" for the specified time period on the configuration where you set up the integration in Deputy.

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