The Contact Tracing Report helps you keep your employees and customers safe, whilst ensuring business continuity.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, this report alleviates some of the business stresses around the need to quickly adapt to new health and safety procedures.

Contact Tracing Report is available on the web app for all subscriptions.

In this guide we will cover:

  • What is Contact Tracing Report

  • How it works

  • Get started

  • Frequently asked questions

What is the Contact Tracing Report

The Contact Tracing Report is available on the Deputy web app which helps easily trace who your unwell employee has been in contact with during their shift and swiftly get in touch with the potentially impacted employees.

How it Works

The Contact Tracing Report analyses all employees with overlapping timesheets (in-progress, pending approval and approved).

Users can easily toggle between 3 filters:

  • All Employees - is a list of individuals who have been identified as working at the same time as the selected employee.

  • Same Location - is a list of individuals who have been identified as working at the same time within the same location as the selected employee.

  • Same Area - is a list of individuals who have been identified as working at the same time within the same area as the selected employee.

Get Started using Contact Tracing Report

To get started, login to the web app from and navigate to the Reports section from the top navigation.

Within Reports:

For Enterprise customers, the Contact Tracing Report can be found under the category, ‘Miscellaneous’ where you will see the ‘Contact Tracing Report’.

For non-Enterprise customers, there is a new report widget entitled, ‘Contact Tracing Report’. Simply click ‘View full report’ to get started.

Once you land in the report, select the ‘date-range’ of the potential exposure and then hit ‘Run Report’.

Running the report will load all employees with overlapping timesheet within the selected period.

Next, choose the unwell employee from the ‘Select Employee’ drop-down and the appropriate exposure impact radius ‘All employees’ or ‘Same location’ or ‘Same area’.

The report will now be generated to display all the employees that have been in contact with the unwell employee with subject to the level of filter applied above.

The contact phone number and email address will also be listed to ensure managers can quickly get in touch with these individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I download this report to Excel or print it out?

A. Yes, you certainly can. You will notice at the top of the report there’s a ‘Print’ button to print and ‘Export CSV’ button download a Excel/Numbers compatible file.

Q. Why can't I see all my employee in the 'Select Employee' drop-down?
A. Only employees that have overlapping timesheets within the selected period will appear within the ‘Select-Employee’ drop-down.

Q. What type of timesheets are covered within the Contact Tracing Report?

A. Overlapping timesheets that are in-progress, pending approval or approved state. Discarded timesheets and Unsubmitted timesheets are not assessed in the report.

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