After connecting Xero to your Deputy account, you will be able to find additional Xero extensions which you can take advantage of in order to streamline your business operations.

Click Activate to configure the required extension.

[Xero] New Customer > Create Area [Deputy]

Each time you create a new Customer within Xero, Deputy will automatically create a new area under the corresponding location with Customer’s Company Name.

This is useful as a bookkeeper so that you can track payment to Customers from Deputy.

[Xero] New Employee > [Deputy] Invite Employee

Whenever you create a new Employee in Xero, it will create a new Employee within Deputy with the following information from Xero if available:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Gender

  • Mobile

  • Date of birth

  • Hire date

Note: If the hire date is listed in Xero before the sync occurs then it will come across to Deputy as that date. If the hire date is NOT entered into Xero then the date of the first sync from Xero to Deputy will be automatically entered into this field.

The employee does not automatically get notified they have been added to Deputy so you will need to send them a Deputy invite link.

This extension runs once a day at 2am in your Deputy account’s timezone.

[Xero] Import Leave Balance > [Deputy] Sync Leave Balance

For all employees in this location, import the employee’s Leave Balance. The Xero leave balance matches against your leave export code set up in your
Deputy account > Business Settings > Leave Rules:

  • Xero > Deputy

  • Annual Leave > dp_annual_leave

  • Personal/Carer's Leave > dp_sick_leave

  • Compassionate Leave (paid) > dp_bereavement_leave

  • Community Service Leave > dp_community_leave

  • Long Service Leave > dp_long_service_leave

  • Time Off In Lieu > dp_rdo_leave

This extension runs once a day at 2am in your Deputy account’s timezone.

This extension supports positive leave balance sync only. Currently, Deputy does not support negative leave balance sync.

[Deputy] Create/Update Employee > [Xero] Create/Update Employees

Changes in team member's profile in Deputy will be sync'd to the Xero profile. Data in the Xero profile for that team member will be overwritten with data from Deputy.

[Xero] New Invoice > [Deputy] Create Sale

Each time a new invoice is approved in Xero, a sale will be created in Deputy.

You can set this integration up to sync Bills or Sales Invoices:

You can choose to sync across all invoices, authorized only or paid only.

The invoices that come across to Deputy can be configured to be allocated to a nominated area or allocated to a matched Area name or employee's current working area.

This extension runs every 15 minutes.

[Xero] New Supplier > [Deputy] Invite Employee

Each time you add a new Supplier contact to your Xero account, Deputy will automatically create a new employee for that Xero supplier.

You will need to invite the supplier to login to Deputy.

This extension runs once a day at 2am in your Deputy account’s timezone.

[Xero] Updated Employee > [Deputy] Sync pay rates

If you have modified any employee pay information in Xero, Deputy will download the employee’s pay rate information into their employee profile in Deputy.

This extension runs once a day at 2am in your Deputy account’s timezone.

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